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Before I knew anything about hot yoga, the last thing I thought about was actually wearing makeup for hot yoga. I figured, with all the heat, humidity and dripping sweat, makeup really wasn’t going to cut it during class. But when I started attending these classes on a regular basis, I started noticing women wearing makeup for hot yoga.

One time, while I was using the full-length mirror to properly align myself into tree pose I noticed the woman in front of me had spidery black lines running down her face. Yikes! I’m sure she wasn’t super pumped about her makeup at that moment. That got me wondering; what is the right type of makeup one should wear to hot yoga, which stays put and requires limited touch ups after? I decided to give it a try and wear makeup for hot yoga and experience it for myself.


Best Smudge Free Mascara Hot Yoga Amaterasu 24 hour Clean Eye Makeup

I’ve been an avid user of Amaterasu products for a long time, and I’ve worn the eyeliner and mascara for various sports-related activities, including running in the middle of summer, drenched in sweat – and beautifully – my makeup didn’t move at all, even when I used a cloth to gently wipe away the sweat.

With that knowledge in hand, I was pretty confident that wearing Amaterasu makeup to hot yoga would most definitely NOT leave me disappointed and I was right. For eyeliner, I wore the Amaterasu Eye Pencil in nutmeg. This eye pencil is nothing short of miraculous because it’s super duper smudge-proof and stays on better than anything I’ve tried before. You can rub it with your fingers all you want, but that baby is staying put. To test it before attempting to wear it to class, I applied some on my hand and tried rubbing it off under running water and it didn’t even fade. But don’t worry, it’s not going to stubbornly stay on forever, it actually removes quite easily with an oil-based cleanser.

The eye pencil glides on smooth and solid. It’s really easy to use.To test the stay power of the eye pencil I ran my hand under water and tried to rub it off with my finger, and it stayed put.

For mascara, I went with the Amaterasu Ultra Volume Mascara since it doesn’t require a lot of coats to get long and luscious lashes. I love how well this mascara holds up in hot and wet conditions. As long as during class you don’t rub your eyes with your fingers you should be all good. Even gently wiping with a cloth is ok, as long as you don’t rub too hard. If you do rub some off your eyes, it’ll just flake off a bit, so it’s still cleaner than conventional mascara and won’t leave you with dark oily smudges under your eyes.

That’s pretty much all the makeup I wore to class and I’d give their performance 110%. Even if I can’t hold a dolphin plank pose for a full 2 minutes at least I have peace of mind that my makeup will do its job perfectly well.


Happy yoga’ing and Namaste.


Beverly Lee

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