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 Amaterasu Featured Makeup Artist, Jeanne Morneau

There are some amazing artists out there and we love supporting them and their wonderful work. Amaterasu has partnered up with some of these artists to showcase their talent and creativity. Brand creator Sara Au Yeong works directly with each artist, providing them with a specific theme, allowing the artist to explore and interpret the theme in their own unique way.

We’re happy to introduce our next Featured Artist – Jeanne Morneau. Thank you to Jeanne and her team for making ‘High Fashion Goth’ look so easy.


Read more about Jeanne below.

Where did you grow up and where are you located now?

I grew up in South Burnaby by Deer Lake Park. I’m now located in Surrey close to Langley; my family and I have been living here for 10 years now. I am currently working part time at revive Hair and Body Lounge as a makeup artist and hairdresser and soon to be a Lash Technician. I also spend the rest of my time freelancing doing special events, editorial fashion, avant-garde, bridal, boudoir and more. I enjoy the fact that being a makeup artist and hairdresser allows me freedom and flexibility in my job. I tend to do a little bit of everything and that keeps me very happy.


Tell us what inspired you to be a makeup artist?

I was inspired to be a makeup artist from a very young age as I’ve always enjoyed anything to do with beauty. I can remember as a very young girl sitting in my mom’s bathroom watching her get ready to go out with my dad and being transfixed. I always enjoyed playing with makeup all throughout my teens and twenties. I was always the one to try out new looks, experiment with colors and do all my friends’ makeup. I have always received a lot of compliments and questions on how I created certain looks and how I got so good at doing makeup. I like to believe it’s just always come naturally to me. I love that makeup imparts confidence and self expression and that it can create a small change or enormous one depending on the desired outcome. I enjoy the endless possibilities of creativity and how easy it is to transform someone into whatever you want them to be with colors and a brush… it is the ultimate in artistry.


What are some of your favourite makeup looks?

I enjoy a classic beauty or glamour look… boudoir is great too. I also very much enjoy avant garde editorial looks that are creative and allow me to go more outside of the box than usual. Ultimately, I love all types of looks; makeup is stellar and I enjoy doing it all. The more opportunities I have to do different styles of makeup the more enjoyment I get out of it!


Do you have a signature makeup style and if so, what is it?

I enjoy well done brows, a perfect cat eye with lots of mascara, flawless skin with a flush of color and either pinky peach lips or if I’m feeling a little more retro or adventurous I’ll go for some shade of red or perhaps fuchsia. I tend to lean towards the retro look quite often… it just works for me. Although I have been known to do all sorts of looks…my makeup moods tend to change about as much as my hair lol.


Please share with us your experience of this photo shoot.

The photo shoot was fantastic I had never worked with either Sam or Pamela before but I had heard of them both and was excited and eager to work with them. The shoot went off without a hitch. We did it on June 12th and I would say it didn’t take more than an afternoon – maybe 4-5 hours – and it was relaxed, laid-back and a ton of fun.  We had a really good time and we got some great behind-the-scenes photos and some even more fantastic photos for our project. We all got along great which really helped overall with the shoot.

What are some of you favourite Amaterasu products?

I absolutely adore the Amaterasu Liquid Eyeliner in black. I love that I have ultimate control over whether I want it to be a calligraphy fine line or bold and thick. It comes out clean, consistent and smooth and it always looks fantastic. I also really like the Liquid Brow Liner pens and the buildable Silk Mascara as it gives great volume density and fullness making lashes look smoldering and beautiful.


If you could give a person one piece of beauty advice, what would it be?

Makeup is a beautiful thing – it makes you feel empowered, self-confident and brings out the best version of yourself. But underneath that makeup, remember that your true beauty comes from within and it is the essence of your personality and that is what shines through any makeup you put on and truly makes you beautiful everyday.


What does empowering beauty everywhere mean to you?

Empowering Beauty everywhere to me means imparting self-worth and self-confidence. Nurturing creativity acceptance and a love of beauty in all forms for everyone. It’s empowering people to feel happy and beautiful through artistic and creative expression. As an artist it’s a gift to be able to impart self-confidence to make someone feel better about themselves and to open their eyes to how beautiful they truly are.




Makeup & Styling: Jeanne Morneau

Photography: Samuel Quo Vadis

Model: Pamela Houlihan

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