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Amaterasu Beauty at Vancouver Fashion Week

Amaterasu was invited to participate in the first ever Beauty Bar at Vancouver Fashion Week this year and it has been thrilling working with the team. On the first day of the show, our team showed up to set up and we received help from the great show volunteers. Everyone was in good spirits and it made our job at the show a breeze. It was a huge turn-out for the opening gala on a Monday night and people from all over the world attended the show.

We will be exhibiting at the Beauty Bar throughout the show until Sunday Sept 25th. We have met so many amazing people from editors to trendy Vancourites attending the show. Some stopped in just to check out our products and were amazed and impressed at how our products are truly 24 hours. The infamous product hand-test says it all! We were so happy to see old friends and make new ones as well.

We look forward to showcasing the line to many more new faces. If you are attending Vancouver Fashion Week please stop by the Beauty Bar and say hello!



Sara Au Yeong at Van Fashion Week.


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