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Truly Smudgeproof Sweatproof 24 hour best liquid eyeliner Canada Eye Makeup

I love to dance and those who have danced with me, know I am usually on the dance floor all night long. Recently I have incorporated other dance styles and, dare I say, may be pulling off a few new impressive moves in the near future. When you think dance and makeup, sweat is probably the first thing that comes to mind. How can we prevent our eye makeup from running if we are constantly sweating while showing off those new moves? I never have to worry about my eye makeup running because I made sure that all Amaterasu products are created to be truly sweatproof.

It is, in fact, suitable for many active lifestyles. I have received countless notes from our customers over the years sharing with me the types of activities they do while wearing our eye makeup. It is incredibly satisfying to hear stories of our customers wearing our makeup while performing activities that require lots of effort and intensity (i.e. drenched in sweat from all the exertion) and never having to worry about their eye makeup running or smudging. If you have been following our blog, you may have seen posts on our eye products being worn in hot yoga classes, wakeboarding, swimming, etc.

I have run with the Liquid EyelinerMascara and our Liquid Brow Liner and have never had a problem. I also spent a very humid summer (think +40 °C/+104°F) in Japan this year wearing the Eye Pencil and without sounding too boastful; I was very pleased by how well it stayed put. Amaterasu was created with a focus on performance and comfort as key building blocks, and I wanted to create products that I would be proud to wear, and I truly am happy with the Amaterasu collection.

You know that question you get asked, “What makeup would you bring to a deserted island?” (especially if that island is hot and humid). Well…when I was creating Amaterasu I said to myself, “Don’t settle for mediocre but only come out with the best!” When I put that same question to our customers, it doesn’t surprise me at all when they mention at least 2-3 items from our brand. If you don’t believe me, check out the reposts on our Instagram account from makeup artists to everyday women sharing their love for our products.


Stay stunning!

Sara Au Yeong

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