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We wanted to highlight one of our special products this week that you might not be as familiar with. Have you ever noticed that many Japanese women (and men!) have the most incredibly flawless skin?

eye makeup kabuki brush amaterasu beauty

We are going to let you in on one of their beauty secrets that we have adopted as our own.



The Kabuki Brush originates from the Japanese theatre, where the performers are expected to have perfectly, porcelain skin for performances. Both women and men have used these brushes for centuries to get the famous look that you may recognize from Japanese art and performances.

This is no ordinary makeup brush. The fibres are divinely soft and exactly the perfect texture to apply your favourite powders or blush. The way these brushes distribute powder will leave you with an impeccable complexion that will have many asking you what you are using on your skin. Powder face is a thing of the past with these luxurious brushes!

eye makeup kabuki brush amaterasu beauty

Our kabuki brush is made of exclusively vegan fibres. Once you feel the softness and experience the precision this brush offers we think you will be hooked. Also, we love the idea of beauty rituals and making our makeup-process a sacred process and the Japanese are masters of these beauty regimes.
Make putting your best face forward a mini-ceremony every day and we are sure that you will reap many benefits both in the outside world and inside too!


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