Kabuki Brush



Inspired by the most important and coveted Japanese beauty tool, the Amaterasu Kabuki Brush is an indispensable makeup essential.

Masters of porcelain-perfect complexions, the performers of the Japanese Kabuki Theater relied upon their kabuki brushes to apply their makeup. Densely packed, luxuriously soft vegan fibers hold and deliver product, while smoothing even the most sensitive of skin. The result: a perfectly airbrushed, radiant face.

Our Kabuki Brush is crafted to pair beautifully with all complexion powders, both loose and pressed. It can also be used for touch-ups.

For those who contour with a bronzer, the surface and texture of our kabuki brush is perfect for buffing and smoothing out your bronzer, resulting in a seamless look.

It is also a wonderful tool for cream blushes. Experience how it blends so quickly and easily, while feeling extra pamper and soft on your skin.

Last but not least, this brush is so easy to use with liquid foundation too. The tip is to dab foundation on like you normally would and use our Kabuki Brush to buff and blend. You will notice how quickly and effectively it works.


  • Creates even, balanced complexion
  • Use with loose/pressed powder & powder or cream blush and even liquid foundation
  • Vegan and cruelty-free fibers
  • Easy to use and luxuriously soft
  • Designed to deliver the perfect amount of powder
  • Suited as a buffing brush for bronzer application

Size: 2.25" H x approximately 1.75" at the widest part of the brush


Vegan and cruelty-free fibers

How To Use

Swirl brush evenly into loose or pressed powder. Beginning with center of face, or cheeks if used for blush, gently buff in small circles outwards. Repeat until desired coverage is achieved.

Product Tips

It is important to wash your brush often. I usually have a few on rotation in case one is still drying. I use one for my foundation and one for applying cream blush.

Please wash with a gentle cleanser or shampoo to remove foundation or cream blushes. Rinse with cool to lukewarm water. Lay flat to dry on a piece of towel.

AIR DRY ONLY, do not use a hair dryer to dry this brush.

Clean Makeup

Paraben Free


Phthalate Free

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