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 How to prolong the wear of your eye makeup Amaterasu Beauty

This has happened to me not once, but frequently. I forget when I had opened a brand new mascara or eyeliner and then ‘suddenly’ it feels dry. I thought I had just cracked open a brand new product last week? How is it even possible that it’s already done?

I used to have this habit of noting down when I first opened a brand new bottle of mascara. We are taught to only keep eye makeup for 3 months because practicing good eye makeup hygiene is important. Well, 3 months zip by a lot quicker than we think. 

Just the other day, I was getting ready in the morning with my Taupe Liquid Brow Liner and suddenly nothing came out of the brush tip. The same thought went through my head, “Didn’t I just open this Brow Liner pen last week?” I had to go to my computer and check when I entered this into our inventory system under my purchases. It was months ago...oops.

For those who have missed several of my posts on Brow Makeup, I have been using the Taupe Liquid Brow Liner on the inner corner of my brows, which I also use to fill in all the way, and then I use just a little Brunette Liquid Brow Liner on the tail end of my brows. I love how Taupe makes my brows much more natural looking and not as harsh, given I naturally have very dark brows.

Aside from remembering how old or new your eyeliners or mascara are, I also have other tips to help prolong the wear of your eyeliners and mascaras. I wrote about this a while back if you want to read the entire article

How do I keep my mascara wand fresh?

Wipe your mascara wand once every 2-3 weeks with a paper towel and your mascara will behave as if it was new again! Note: Avoid the use of toilet/facial tissue, as the tiny fibres will deposit onto the mascara wand, which can affect the performance of Amaterasu mascaras.

What can I do to prolong the wear of my Amaterasu eye products?

Before applying all makeup, always blot and powder the area of application to create a perfectly oil-free base. While Amaterasu eye makeup is waterproof, smudge proof, and sweatproof, facial oil will shorten its wear; additionally, it can clog applicator tips. Throughout the day, the use of blotting tissues will gently lift any excess oil and maintain makeup longevity. 

What if it feels like my brush tip is clogged?

Draw a few lines on a paper towel to help remove any debris (oil, eyeshadow, primers) from your Amaterasu microfibre brush tip. If this fails, run the brush tip under room temperature water (no soap required) for approx. 5-10 seconds and then return to drawing on the paper towel. Note: Filtered water is preferable for the cleaning of Amaterasu microfibre tips and brushes.

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Be sure to give the above tips a try if you haven't already!

Makeup Artist Sara Au Yeong Amaterasu Beauty Vancouver Canada

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