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Performers Dancers Long Lasting 24 hour Smudgeproof Clean Makeup Amaterasu

The origin of Amaterasu Beauty (formerly Geisha Ink) is strongly linked to stage makeup. In 2006, I was the Head Makeup Artist who trained the 52 contestants of the Miss America series. At the time, long lasting makeup held a very different meaning, as in, it didn’t last very long. 

One of my priorities was to select the best quality and the most natural makeup to be included in the makeup kits. I remember getting in touch with all my industry peeps and some literally dropped off boxes at the hotel lobby for me, while others had products mailed. It was a daunting task to assemble 52 makeup kits before filming. Luckily, I had my very own crew of makeup artists, mostly based in LA, that were there and together we made it happen.

One of my most horrifying experiences was when the contestants were on stage. I saw with my own eyes that their makeup was melting away. It was especially messy to see eyeliners and mascara smudging. I knew I had to do something and, at the time, I didn’t think it was to create my own makeup collection. 

On my call sheet, it clearly stated that I was to teach every contestant what each product was and how they could use it to prolong their makeup. We did a class with and without the cameras rolling, but we were basically filming for 6 days straight. Each day was at least 16 hours long, excluding setup time. Luckily, we were stationed at the hotel where the filming took place so, once my work was done, I literally disappeared into my room and passed out. There were a couple of nights where Phyllis George, one of the judges and Miss America 1971, invited me out for white wine. 

I still remember getting paged when I was supposed to be off camera. Phyllis requested me to help wire her up. When I got there I said, “Phyllis, I am a makeup artist!” She said, “Oh, don’t be silly, now hurry help me get ready.” It was very flattering she didn’t want anyone else to help her out. We clearly bonded the first day we met. Recently, I learned she passed 2 weeks ago. I hope she went peacefully.

In 2008, when my line was still being created, I went to Brisbane to vacation with my family. My youngest aunt, who is very trendy, pulled me aside and showed me this supposedly amazing liquid liner. She asked me to give it a try and I did. It lasted all day, but didn’t come off nicely and, lo-and-behold, tar was the key ingredient and this eyeliner contains a huge amount of it. It is so important that we read product labels and not get distracted with marketing gimmicks.

Many companies will create a product that is long-lasting, but be sure to ask questions, and a lot of it. Are the ingredients ethically sourced and do these companies have your health and well-being in mind? Many ingredients are carcinogenic or can affect your organs. When I was designing products, I was adamant about not using those types of ingredients as, in my world, they are simply too poisonous. 

Makeup tips for dancers and performers

To create a collection of liquid liner, eye pencils, brow liners, and mascara that will not smudge under hot lights, or during strenuous workouts, takes lots of planning and very careful consideration. Aside from the long-lasting quality, the products must be as clean as possible and also need to be easily removable at the end of the day. The result is a 24-hour, all day formula, that is sweatproof, waterproof, and smudgeproof.

If you know any performers or dancers in your life, I would love for you to share what Amaterasu is all about with them. Professional dancers and actors are required to wear makeup for their work and I sincerely wish to reach more of them, so they are aware of cleaner makeup alternatives that are also long-lasting. Learn how to create the doe eyed makep look. 

I hope you enjoy the products I have invested countless hours designing and testing, prior to each of their launches. 

Best wishes,

Blogger Beauty Greetings Makeup Brand Creator Amaterasu Sara Au Yeong

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