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In this video, I have enlisted the help of a very talented makeup artist, Ainé Plunkett, to show our viewers how easily they can achieve this subtle, yet beautiful, shimmer makeup look. If you read on, you will learn various ways you too can easily incorporate these steps into your daily makeup routine.

As you can see in the video, Ainé applies the Shimmer Eye Pencil to the inner corner of her eyes. When you highlight the inner corner of your eyes it offers an overall brightening effect to the entire face. My goal was to be able to help you create a ‘subtle’ and fresh look with just one product.

The backstory of how this product came to be began around 4 years ago, when I was invited to my cousin Hitomi’s wedding in Osaka, Japan. During my plane ride, I was exhausted from weeks of working long hours and was wishing I had a miracle product that could zap away my fatigued look. I started visualizing what I would want in this product and how it could offer an instant ‘pick-me-up.’

One interesting thing I noticed is that newborn babies have a natural glow at the inner corner of their eyes. It is this look that I absolutely adore and the Amaterasu Shimmer Eye Pencil can help deliver the same effect. The goal of looking fresh and energized is for someone to comment that you look beautiful, but they are not quite sure what you are doing differently that day. It’s a look that is subtle, yet impactful. This is what sets our Shimmer Eye Pencil apart from the rest.

With our Shimmer Eye Pencil, all you need to do is to apply either the white shimmer or gold shimmer to the inner corner of your eyes for a quick ‘pick-me-up’ look. Easily illuminate your features by dotting the Shimmer Eye Pencil on areas of the face, such as your cheekbones or upper lip, and gently soften it by blending with your fingertips. Many makeup artists who are a fan of our Shimmer Eye Pencil love to warm up the product by drawing it on the pad of their index finger. Once it is slightly melted, pat it gently on the desired area to create instant, sultry shimmer.

In a previous interview with one of Vancouver’s favourite brow artists Alisha Noon, she talked about the importance of enhancing your natural features rather than focusing on altering your look. If you have a minute more to spare, you can use a little Shimmer Eye Pencil under your brow bone to create an illusion of an instant lift. 

Bring out your inner goddess with our Shimmer Eye Pencil.


Have fun trying this look out!

Blogger Beauty Greetings Makeup Brand Creator Amaterasu Sara Au Yeong

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