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How do I do my makeup in the morning Amaterasu Beauty

I have never been a fan of thick foundation or face primer. It is simply unrealistic and uncomfortable to wear so much face makeup on a daily basis. That was not the case when I was in makeup school. I have the idea that unless you prime, then apply liquid foundation and concealer and finally top it off with a loose dusting of powder….my skin would look blah. The reverse is true. When your skin cannot breathe, it would literally suffocate under all these layers and if you have not already switched over to a clean makeup base, then there are more toxic ingredients your body would need to remove on a daily basis. 


What does this mean if this goes on for years? Overtime, your system is going to overload and for those with no sensitivity now, one day suddenly you might become more reactive to a certain skin cream or powder blush. Why is that? Because you have overloaded your system, more specifically your liver. Think of it as a fish tank that was working beautifully and because it kept getting clog up, it suddenly gave in. The toxins are not getting filtered like it should be and it floats around in your body instead.

Let’s not let that happen. Eat healthy non-gmo foods, live an active lifestyle so you can sweat out toxic stuff and meditate if the idea resonates with you. Believe me, I didn’t think it was my thing, but now I do not miss a day without meditation. It helps me stay focused and balance.

In response to the questions I have been receiving on my latest minimal makeup routine, here is a photo and list of products I used to achieve this look:

1️⃣ Geisha Ink Loose Mineral Foundation in Ichiko

2️⃣ Geisha Ink Bronzer in Lana on my temples and cheeks top with a light brush of pinkish blush. Some days, it is just the bronzer without blush

3️⃣ Amaterasu  Liquid Eyeliner in Espresso for daytime and Black for evening

4️⃣ Amaterasu Liquid Brow Liner in Taupe. I only use Brunette on the tail-end of my brows for a more natural and softer look. Taupe is not only great for blondes but dark-haired peeps like me.

5️⃣ Amaterasu Black Eye Pencil to tight line top lashline and Royal Eye Pencil to line the outer lashline.

6️⃣ Amaterasu Massive Volume Mascara - I usually apply about 3 coats after curling my lashes with a Shiseido lash curler. I especially love how this mascara works on my barely-there bottom lashes

7️⃣ Last but not least, to finish this look with my beloved Amaterasu Shimmer Eye Pencil on the bottom inner corner of my eyes.

8️⃣ Ok, one more...a pinkish tinted lip sheer


Watch the Tutorial Video- How to Apply Eyeliner and Mascara

Let me know how the above works for you!

Sara Au Yeong makeup artist beauty blogger Amaterasu

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