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Today's women are very busy. We play many roles, more so than our mother's generation. Many moms also works full time and or volunteer their time at their kids' school and other charitable organizations. 

What is one thing women look for in their makeup? Modern women want makeup that are easy to use, last throughout their busy schedule, stress-free and ideally also comes with a listing of clean ingredient. 

Here is a real life testimonial from singer songwriter Surya Devi who is also a mom to a 4 year old and her day is often busy like many of us. 

Our customers want the convenience of not having to check their makeup multiple times a day for smudges. We have enough to deal with daily and stressing over smudgy makeup shouldn't be on the list.

Amaterasu is dedicated to serve the needs of busy modern women, whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a working professional, retirees: women look for dependable smudge free, long lasting makeup.

We are proud to delivers what we state on our product boxes. We believe it is important to be true with our words.

We are blessed to be around since 2008 and continue to grow daily. Many of our customers find us through word of mouth and recommendations from someone they truly trust. 


I invite you to experience Amaterasu! 

 Beauty Blogger Makeup Artist Sara Au Yeong Amaterasu Beauty


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