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How to pick the best mascara Amaterasu Beauty
Whether you’re sweating it out in the gym, walking in the rain, or tearing up during your favorite rom-com, waterproof mascara can be a woman’s best friend. But not all makeup products are created equal. If you want to truly get and keep those long, luscious lashes – without the running and smudging – you’ll want to choose the right waterproof mascara for dependable, dreamy, and dazzling eyes.

The best part about waterproof mascara is…well…it’s waterproof. Any exposure to water on your lashes should leave them looking the same way they did during the first application. But if you think all waterproof mascaras are the same, think again. Read on to learn how to find a suitable waterproof mascara.

Pick quality brands that won’t damage your lashes
When choosing the best waterproof mascara, always choose one that will keep your lashes soft and subtle. Some harsher, stiffer mascaras can weaken or even damage your lashes. Quality products from trusted cosmetic companies, on the other hand, will have a creamy consistency that won’t dry out or clump.

Select easily removable products
Just because your mascara is waterproof shouldn’t mean it’s bulletproof. So, make sure the product is easy to take off. Read the packaging to learn about removal instructions. Some waterproof mascaras can be washed off using makeup remover or soap and water.

Go with allergy-proof waterproof mascara
Do you suffer from allergies? Not to worry. If you are someone who stays away from waterproof mascara for fear of an allergic reaction, you will be happy to know there are options for you. Many brands are both flake resistant and hypoallergenic, delivering stunning eyes without the sensitivity.

Check the wand handle
Beauty brands provide a plethora of wand bristle types to up your eyelash game, from straight and curved to corkscrew and ball tip. But before deciding on a wand, check out the handle. Waterproof mascara requires a little more effort to apply. So, choose a handle with a comfortable feel.

Looking for a quality waterproof mascara brand, but not sure where to start? Finding the right cosmetic provider for those knock out lashes can be overwhelming. With so many options at your fingertips, you will want to choose one that stands up to the elements while delivering thicker, fuller, and softer lashes.

You can’t get the lashes of your dreams without the right mascara. That’s where Amaterasu Beauty comes in. We have the best waterproof and smudge-proof mascara lines, giving you those fluttery lashes that just won’t quit.

For the best waterproof mascara in the USA, turn to Amaterasu Beauty.
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