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How to find the best type of waterproof eye pencil Amaterasu Beauty

Not All Eye Pencils Are Created Equal

It is said that the eyes are the window to your soul.  With a few strokes of eye makeup, your eyes can create many different kinds of moods. From fun and creative to mysterious and dark, your eyes can tell a story to others for you. Choosing the right eye pencil is essential to maintain your initial makeup look over a long period of time.  Do you think that all eye pencils are created equal? Think again. For flawless eyes that will get you noticed, our beauty and makeup experts at Amaterasu break down the basics to help you pick the perfect product.


Eye Pencil Colour Is Key

Are you looking for the right eye pencil shade, but not sure where to start? Choosing the ideal colour to shape your eyes can be intimidating. With so many options at your fingertips, you will want to select the product that best matches your natural features.

When it comes to picking the right natural-looking eye pencil hue, go with one that promotes and brings out the colour of your eye. 

Let’s face it, choosing a pencil colour isn’t an exact science. Most of us use a brown or black eye pencil colour but basing the eye pencil shade choice on your actual eye colours can really help to make an attractive look for yourself.  By contrasting your eye colour with the opposite colour on the colour wheel, you can also make your eyes stand out in an attractive way. 


The Best Eyeliner for Brown Eyes

  • Rich colours like orange and yellow can help to bring out the flecks in your beautiful brown eyes.  A soft brown or black can highlight your most beautiful feature. If you are brown eyed and like the contrasting look of shimmer or a lighter shade, go for it! 


The Best Eyeliner for Blue Eyes

  • Metallic colours like gold, silver, or copper will make your eyes look even bluer. Our shimmer pencil is terrific for creating a dramatic eye look to goes all day.  


The Best Eyeliner colour for Green Eyes 

  • Smokey Grey and Purple Plum will help your eyes stand out and show off your finest feature. 


 The Best Eyeliner for Hazel Eyes

  • To bring out the beautiful tones in your eyes, try the purple plum or shimmer gold eye pencil from Amaterasu. Brown can also compliment your natural eye colour. 


Pencil colours are a personal choice—as long as you love it, rock the shade you crave. 


Waterproof is best

Are you having a tough time choosing between non-waterproof and waterproof brands? Whether you are running a marathon or taking a selfie, you always want your eye makeup to look its best. But when the humidity hits, your skin can sweat and your eye makeup can wind up where it is not supposed to be smudged or smeared around your eyes. 

To keep those arched-to-perfection eyes looking awesome, choose a waterproof option. They are designed with stay-all-day formulas that will never smudge, leaving you with extraordinary looking eyes that you will not need to maintain throughout the day.


So what are good eye pencils options to use? 

There are a host of eye pencils on the market today. If you are not quite sure which direction you want to go, there are a few things you should consider. Only liquid liners and the best of the best eye pencils have better staying power.

If you are in a rush for time, the Amaterasu makeup and eye pencils are convenient to use since they glide on easy and provide a smudge free experience all day. 

When you want to pull your look together, beautiful eyes are a must. Taking the time to pick the right product will ensure your eyes stand out and draw attention for all the right reasons. 

You can stop looking for the eye pencil of your dreams now.  The Amaterasu eye pencils will put all those other options to shame, for real.  You can easily fill, shape, and define your eye to give you the appealing and trendy eye looks that you have always dreamed about. For striking eyes every time, browse the Amaterasu Beauty product line.   

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