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Hi there, 

This is Sara from Amaterasu Beauty. In this video, I will be doing a demo on mascara application using our Massive Length Mascara. This formula truly caters to those who are looking for a mascara to quickly fill in sparse lashes, as well as to elongate and keep their lashes curled all day, thanks to its revolutionary lengthening and curling formula.

In this video, you'll see the difference on one side of my lashes with mascara versus without mascara. Prior to applying any mascara, I always curl my lashes. I have used many lash curlers in the past but have always gone back to my Shiseido lash curler. 

I like to divide the length of my lashes into 3 parts in my head prior to curling them. I will curl the outermost, then middle and then the innermost of my lashes. This gives the overall look a naturally curled lash look and not a 45-degree curled lash look. I have seen it with many of my clients prior to their makeup classes with me and they often said they would just go right in the middle of their lashes, press down with the lash curler and hope for the best.

Let's get back to the actual mascara application technique with the Massive Length Mascara. It comes with a curved brush. Some of our customers love it and some will need time to get used to the shape of this wand, especially if they have never used one before. I love the versatility of this brush and I know once you get used to it, you too will not be without it.

You will see me swirl my mascara wand prior to applying the mascara. This ensures the entire wand is coated with mascara and that it delivers mascara evenly on your lashes. I like to deposit this mascara using the end of the brush tip to start, particularly along my lash line, and pull outwards. 

I start off by depositing a generous amount of mascara with the tip of my Massive Length mascara brush. This allows for quick distribution of mascara from the root and tip of your lashes. This may or may not work for other formulas but for this mascara, it works beautifully because it is known amongst our fans to quickly and fully coat lashes and fill in gaps between lashes.

Once that is done, you will see from the video that I rotate the brush to use the curved side and continue to add volume and length to my lashes. Be sure to also take the opportunity to separate your lashes by combing outwards with the brush.

Finally, I use the end of my brush again and go back to the inner corner of my eyes and coat the teeny little lashes to give it more dimension. One common mistake I have seen is that women apply mascara just on the tip of the lashes and leave most of their lashes without mascara. Be sure to go closest along your lash line, without being too close to your eyes, to have the most even application.

By the way, I particularly love this mascara for my lower lashes. In fact, even if I don't use this mascara on my top lashes, I will always use this mascara for my bottom lashes. I find it does an incredible job in making my lashes look visible immediately, plus it will result in full and long lashes without making them look clumpy. You've got to be careful with which mascara you use for your bottom lashes as most will make you look messy after. I am all for the clean and polished makeup look.

Let me know how you like the above techniques.


Till then, take good care!



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