how to choose the best eye liner color for your eyes amaterasu beauty
Which shade is best for you?

We have 5 amazing shades of our Eye Pencil to choose from, so let’s talk about which ones work best for whom!

Why our clients love this formula?

First off, our Eye Pencils are vegan, paraben free, smudge-proof and waterproof, and have a 24 hour long wearing power. So whatever shade you decide to use, you can be sure it will stay put and survive any circumstance - all weather, emotional moments, or any other unexpected situation that may arise in life!

Let's get down to each of the colour

Our Black Eye Pencil is the perfect, classic black shade for those looking to make a big impact. Whether you love the goth style, a classic cat eye, or the sultry waterline look, this pencil does it all. It’s also perfect for those with darker eyes to use on the daily.

You will be pleasantly surprised by our Nutmeg Eye Pencil. It’s specifically designed to be a cooler shade of brown, unlike most brown eye pencils out there which are usually a reddish brown and do not typically complement the eyes. It’s perfect for all eye colours and will add a little pizazz to a daily look, without making it look like you are wearing lots of heavy makeup.

Our Sage Eye Pencil is a soft green that will add a subtle hint of colour naturally. A fun way to brighten and line your eyes daily, Sage enhances green, blue and brown eyes.

Next up is our Plum Eye Pencil. Containing minimal red tones makes it the perfect complementary shade for everyone. Shades of purple naturally enhance all eye colours, especially blue, green and brown eyes.

Last but certainly not least, is our Royal Eye Pencil. This is the ultimate combo of your classic navy, with a hint of electric blue. This colour helps the whites of the eyes appear whiter, and is a fun alternative to a black eyeliner. Our Royal Eye Pencil is a lovely way to infuse a bit of colour into your look that is subtle enough to be conservative, yet sufficiently dynamic to make a big impact.

Mix and match

We hope this blog post will point you to select the best eyeliner colour for you. Try mixing and matching different colours to create some fun and exciting new looks.