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We wanted to share the story of how our brand evolved from Geisha Ink to Amaterasu Beauty. It is a story that many of you may relate to, and a reminder that we are constantly evolving and growing as human beings.

The original name for our brand was Geisha Ink, and the iconic Geisha was conceptualized by Founder and Creator Sara Au Yeong and illustrated by world renowned artist Caitlin Dinkins. The packaging featured a beautiful Geisha, revealing a fully tattooed back that was normally hidden from the world.

People around the world recognize the signature look of the Geisha, with her kimono, hair pieces, and dramatic makeup. Sara relates this to the stereotypical expectation society has on a woman or a man. Some of us are expected to grow up to hold a certain profession and as a result, we are unable to fully express our true selves.

Sara shares that in many ways she felt similar to the Geisha and explains in her own words here: ”When I created Geisha Ink, I wanted to express myself and share this story with the world. Now that we are in our 10th year of business, I want to share another story. The story of how this Geisha has transformed into a Goddess. Being a Goddess to me is to be empowered, have the ability to speak the truth and live life feeling content each and every day. It is a practice. The more we try, the better we get it at.”

We are all about empowering women from young to old throughout their journey. When we talk about #womensupportingwomen we truly support our team members during high and low times, as well as our sisters, friends, and customers who come to us with their stories. Our blog shares real-life stories from everyday women who we use as our models. We hope this will act as positive motivation for young girls and women out there.

This is how Amaterasu came into the picture. She is the famous Japanese Sun Goddess who brought Light to the world. Sara felt that this name change embodied more of the qualities of the brand's philosophy of Empowering Women. Right down to the transformation from Geisha to Goddess itself!

We hope you have enjoyed this story. This is a beautiful example of how we all change and evolve over time. It is so very important to embrace all the parts of ourselves, as we are constantly shifting and changing in our journey through life. Transformation is one of the gems of existence. 


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