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Most of the time, I don't get the liberty to meet our models prior to a shoot. I learn a little about them and get to view some of their photos, but my scout knows I prefer to work with girls that are in alignment with our brand philosophy.

Kayla arrived in jeans and T-shirt, a gorgeous young woman but what I noticed most about her is her sweet smile and personality. She shares resemblance to her aunt Natasha, who is a very good friend of mine. I asked about her makeup program at John Casablancas Institute, which I am an alumni of and an ex-instructor. I told her I would love to work on raising awareness with the next generation of artists and educating this next-gen on why clean makeup is important. Kayla was all ears and said she is in.

Monica called to let me know she was on her way. She was courteous and humble. A tall and beautiful girl, my crew could not help but fixate on her flawless skin. She swears by drinking lots of bone broth, vegetables and no raw or cold food, as it hampers the digestion. This is the TCM approach to beautiful skin and good health. Monica told me she is currently studying International Business and I asked her if preserving the environment is something she is interested in and she nodded profusely. I am glad. If more businesses focus on doing good, and not just solely on making a profit, our world would change for the better.


Question: What is your day job when you are not creating all these beautiful photos with us?

Kayla: I’m currently a server, however, I just finished a makeup artistry course and I can’t wait to start my career in the industry!

Monica: My day job is as a full-time college student.

Question: Why do you think it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle, both in our diet and mind?

Kayla: I believe it’s incredibly important to keep your mental and physical health at its best, especially in the film industry with the long and odd work hours. You have to stay healthy to be able to perform your best, but it’s also super important to know when to take breaks! 

Monica: It’s important because a healthy diet keeps our body healthy and in the best condition. To perform our best it also helps to have a healthy mindset. My father has told me that our mind is like a garden that needs to be taken good care of, we need to be watering the plants using great fertilizer. Also, we need to remove the overgrowth, so our mind garden will remain vibrant and healthy.  

Question: Before using Amaterasu makeup, do you think it was possible for a brand to be this long-lasting and yet have such clean ingredients?

Kayla: I never would have correlated a clean beauty product with a high pigment, long lasting product, but now after trying Amaterasu I have learned otherwise. I’ve used the products through full days of work, naps, and even through sweaty workouts and it has always stayed put without any flaking or smudging! 

Monica: With its clean ingredients, Amaterasu is a dream come true.

Question: What are your favourite Amaterasu products and why?

Kayla: My absolute favourite product from Amaterasu is hands down the Liquid Brow Liner; it has become a daily staple for me. It’s precise, easy to apply, has amazing pigment and is super long lasting. It’s everything I could ever want in any brow product!

Monica: The Liquid Eyeliner; it's the best long lasting eyeliner I've ever tried.

Question: Who is your female role model and why?

Kayla: My female role model is my older sister, Chantal. I got to watch as her career in makeup flourished, which is what inspired me to become a makeup artist as well. I love that she discovered her passion and worked hard to turn it into her career, and now with me following in her footsteps I definitely look to her as a mentor.

Monica: Always my mom, because she's so beautiful inside and outside and always spreads kindness to the world around her, no matter what.

Questions: We hear the term 'be the change' so much and especially so in your generation. If you were to be 'the change' in someone's life, what is it that you would want to do?

Kayla: The change I would want to instill is ambition! Being a makeup artist, I have found so much value in working hard at things that I love and pushing my boundaries. So I’d want everyone to be able to find their passion and commit to making it their career and that they can spend their lives doing something they truly enjoy. 

Monica: I would want to let that person know that every single person in this world is unique and beautiful in their way. Believe in yourself and focus on the good, you got this, we all do.

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As with my other shoot, I had a message to share in our Spring photoshoot. I wanted to find out what is going on in the world of Generation Z. I wanted to learn their thoughts, feelings and how they plan to approach, or better yet, change the world.

It is a very different world we live in now and collectively we can be the change. Wireless radiation and glyphosate are some of the two most talked about concerns for today's citizens. It is time to truly educate ourselves, so that we too can educate and protect our families and friends.


Be well,



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