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Chemical free eye makeup Canadian brand Clean Formula Smudgeproof

Between 2006 and 2012, I was consulting for many high-end cosmetics brands that are natural and organic. My work focused predominantly on advising brand owners what sort of ingredients are hazardous and should not be included in their formulations. One client said she had this 'All Purpose' cream ready to go, but wanted my input on whether there was a dire need for her to remove her main preservative, which were the parabens in the formula. My advice was ‘Yes, please do.’ Her concern was if someone were to dip their fingers into the cream it would then contaminate the entire jar. I suggested an alternative to the parabens and preservatives that has a much lower toxic burden on the liver. 

What do makeup parabens do to my body

Parabens are endocrine disrupting chemicals which can disrupt the fitness and functions of the body. Aside from that, they can also cause skin irritation and affect our fertility and reproductive health, to name a few. Parabens should not be used in a formulation. For more examples, please visit:

I was keen on removing toxic ingredients, but I can tell you it was one of my most challenging roles. Working with creators who were often swayed by big labs on how if they use a certain ingredient, it would increase their margin substantially, without taking into account the long term effects certain toxic ingredients will have on the body. On the other hand, there was me advising against it, as it was about the bigger picture and the health and well-being of the end users. 

Why should I wear paraben-free makeup? 

When I was 16, my dad's best friend's wife was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. She was a lovely woman and there were no signs until it was too late. I remember my mom explaining how they had to put her on a 100% organic food diet or else her system would crash. I commented, "But why do people only try when it is too late, why not practise preventative measures?" I got into trouble for that comment, but I didn't say that out of disrespect, rather I was frustrated at how 'we' as humans take our health for granted until it is too late. I hear this often, "Oh, I am fine, so why change anything?"

I believe in feeding my body with good quality products and anything I use topically is no different. When the time came to create my own makeup line, it was natural that I would want to create a line that is as clean as I can make it, without compromising on its performance. You see, I went really green with my own makeup, as in I wouldn’t use anything with chemicals at all for a while. This extreme stance in my decision taught me a very important lesson, to have balance in life. I wasn't completely happy with the organic makeup I was purchasing online. Yes, they were really clean, but my concealer or foundation would feel super greasy due to the high content of jojoba or olive oil that most natural brands use. My eye makeup would look horrid within an hour and it was just embarrassing going out with makeup smeared all over my eyes. 

Does Amaterasu have long lasting eye pencils, eyeliner and mascara? 

So, I asked myself what my basic expectation is and that is I need my makeup to not smudge, and then I asked what can I use in the least amount to produce this type of eye makeup? Another question was how long would it last throughout the day? Personally, I need my makeup to last for at least 12 hours. I ended up with a formula that would stay on for 24 hours. Next, how easy would it be to remove because I don't like to scrub my skin raw or use super harsh makeup remover to wipe off my makeup. I managed to create the Amaterasu Liquid Eyeliner and Mascaras to be easily removed by being massaged off with warm water.

What about preservatives and other chemicals?

I definitely went for paraben free right off the bat because I was very stringent as to what not to have in my formulation. Also, Amaterasu eye makeup does not contain phthalates, which I am happy to see that more cosmetics companies are finally removing now. The Amaterasu formulas ended up being naturally very clean. It is a big deal if we can see how a small amount here and there would add up in our body. Therefore, cut whatever you can and whatever you can't, then live with, and that is my current philosophy. 


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Our flake proof Mascaras are not only a smudge proof mascara, it is a waterproof mascara also.  This all day mascara is designed to help women everywhere feel more confident.

The Japanese kabuki brush is a vegan kabuki brush.  It is a custom made soft kabuki brush that you can instantly feel the softness on your face. 

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