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Why you should wear mascara on your bottom lashes and how to tips Amaterasu Beauty

Some of us are blessed with beautiful, dark, full lower lashes. It looks like you’re wearing eye makeup but you literally woke up looking that way. 

To those who need a little help, you can recreate this sultry eye look with a thickening and lengthening mascara.

It is really important the mascara you choose does not smear after a couple of hours. The type of mascara wand is very important too. I personally find a curved brush to be super effective as it allows for quick coating of even the teeniest, barely there lashes. The technique is simple and requires just a slight rotation of your wrist.

Our Massive Length Mascara is my personal favourite when I want to thicken and elongate my lower lashes. It is truly a game changer. I love how quickly this formula coats my lashes and amplifies it at least 6 times my natural lash volume.

For those who are not familiar with the Massive Length Mascara, it has super hold ability to keep your lashes curled all day. In addition, it will transform your lashes from barely there to super full and long. 

I tend to use the tip of the mascara brush to deposit just enough product and then use the curved end of the brush to lightly coat some more mascara to finish my look. By the way, this mascara is also lash extension safe. Check out our other blog on lash extensions here!

If you are going out and want something even more, add a bit of our Eye Pencil, which you can be sure is truly smudgeproof. 

I’ll let you in on something, I actually created the Amaterasu Eye Pencil so that I could create this look for myself and my clients. There is nothing more frustrating than makeup that smears under the eye area, especially during a photoshoot or at a special event.

I would love to hear how you like this makeup look, especially if you have never tried it before.


Have a great week!


Photo by Sharon McCutcheon
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