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 Why you need this Sage Eye Pencil in your makeup bag this Spring


Why do you need our Sage Eye Pencil this season?

I love green and have always loved green eyeshadows and eyeliners. When the time came for me to create the first green eye product for the Amaterasu collection, I wanted it to be timeless. Most importantly, I wanted it to work with all eye colours and skin tones.


What colour is a sage eye pencil? 

Oftentimes, when you think of a green eyeliner you think of a vivid green which is usually associated with special occasions. The green Eye Pencil we call Sage is a muted moss green, which subtly brightens the eyes without looking too made up. You can also wear this along the lower lash line to achieve a soft, smouldering look. 

Here are some key features of this eye pencil:

View a short tutorial of me working on our model with this pencil.

We have some really hardcore fans who will not use anything but our Sage Eye Pencil. Most claim it makes them look more awake even while wearing it alone, without any additional eyeshadow or mascara.

I am pleased to offer such a versatile product in the Amaterasu lineup. If you have not tried this pencil, I invite you to experience it this season. I hope you will enjoy our version of this timeless Green Pencil as much as we do here.

Wishing you a beautiful Spring season!

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