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What is histamine and why it affects your allergies Amaterasu Beauty

Often when someone thinks of histamine, they think seasonal allergies and antihistamine pills. Many studies have shown that certain foods are naturally high in histamine and if you are sensitive to it, these foods will also contribute to the discomfort you are already feeling with allergies. So by learning what these foods items are, you could technically lessen your suffering and better manage the outcome.

So what exactly is histamine intolerance? It is a little-known condition that causes its sufferers misery, with symptoms including a stuffy nose, headaches, flushing, hives, and it can even exacerbate any existing eczema. There are so many healthy diets out there and many, including myself, have jumped on the bandwagon in hopes to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Did you know bone broth is high in histamine, as well as your organic sourdough bread? It’s disheartening, but do not fret because if you play your cards right, you can enjoy these healthy foods without having severe reactions. It is all about making sure you eat a well rotated diet that is predominantly low in histamine-releasing foods.

Dr. Janice Joneya is an expert in this field. Dr. Joneya is a researcher, educator, author, and clinical counsellor with over 30 years of experience in the area of immunological and biochemical reactions involved in food allergies and intolerances. In addition, she is also a Registered Dietitian and for 12 years she was head of the Allergy Nutrition Program at the Vancouver Hospital and Health Sciences Centre. Learn more about Dr. Joneya from her bio here:

According to Dr. Joneya, certain foods are naturally high in histamine and she uses the bucket analogy when she tries to teach sufferers how to overcome this. Unlike food allergies, you may be able to tolerate foods high in histamine, provided you are not constantly eating these types of foods. 

Examples of High Histamine Foods: 

  • Super ripe fruits: avocadoes, tomatoes, bananas, kiwis, strawberries, pineapples, oranges
  • Dried fruits: raisins, cranberries
  • Deli meats or bacon
  • Fermented foods: sourdough bread, cheeses, yogurt, kefir
  • Some strains of probiotics 


    I don't know about you, but when my immune system is weak, I seem to be more reactive to foods, drinks, and even my skincare products. Don't overlook your face cleanser, skin creams, bath and body products, or even makeup if you are prone to allergies.

    Clean Makeup for Allergies

    For example, I feel great using my pineapple enzyme toner, but when it comes allergy season my eyes get extremely itchy and, as soon as I make the link, I stop and swap it out for my rose and aloe vera toner. This is why I am an advocate of a short ingredient list when it comes to bath and body items, as well as makeup. 

    What is the best makeup for allergies? 

    Many allergy sufferers have written to us to let us know that our makeup is well tolerated, despite how bad their allergies are. I have personally tested our entire collection under many different conditions and over the years have enlisted the help of many of my close friends who are adamant about clean ingredients during the creation process.

    Can clean makeup ingredients help with allergies?

    It is very important I do not react to my own makeup line and, since I am so sensitive, I feel great sharing Amaterasu with highly sensitive people as they, like myself, have searched high and low for products they can feel safe using. I have spent so much buying the most natural or the most popular products over the years, but I still ended up with itchy skin and teary eyes. 

    I am so glad that despite my watery eyes during allergy season, our Eye Pencils will not smear. If you haven't tried it yet, it is an amazing product to use to tight line your eyes. I am also thankful for our truly smudge proof mascaras because I cannot imagine living without them during allergy season. 

    Eye Makeup for allergies:

    Our best selling 24 hour liquid eyeliner, the highly reviewed best liquid eyeliner on the market, non-smudge eye pencils and vegan makeup. 

    Brow Liners: 

    Our sweatproof eyebrow liner are developed from a liquid eyebrow liner that is effective for filling in eyebrows or creating a dramatic look.  

    What is the best mascara for allergies? 

    Our flake proof Mascara are not only a smudge proof mascara, reviews continue to show that this is one of the best waterproof mascara on the market.  This lengthening mascara and volume mascara is designed to help women everywhere feel more confident. 

    What makeup will help me deal with my allergies? 

    The Japanese kabuki brush is a vegan makeup brush and used as as part of our vegan makeup.  It is a custom made kabuki brush that you can instantly feel the softness on your face.

    Try out blot paper to easily wipe away sweat and not your makeup. Specifically made in Japan.

    Contact Amaterasu for more details on these specially designed makeup products. I hope this blog will help shed some light for those who are loving the beautiful blooms but are dealing with seasonal allergies like me. 

    If you have eczema, you got to check out my book!

    Take care!


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