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Vancouver Stage Makeup Artist Aine Plunkett Amaterasu Beauty Makeovers Eye Pencils Mascara

Before Áine Plunkett goes into the big leagues in IATSE and the film industry, we were happy to have her be a part of our most recent photoshoot, From Geisha to Goddess, as an exceptional makeup artist and model.

Áine, who graduated with honours from Blanche Macdonald, was also graciously able to answer a few questions for us, so keep reading to learn about her time working on Amaterasu’s transformational photoshoot and her plans for the future!
Question: Tell us why you chose to become a makeup artist?                           
Áine: I became a makeup artist because I love it! It's fun, fast paced and makeup looks are always changing so it's never a dull moment. When I decided to give makeup a try my intention wasn’t to become a full time makeup artist. However, quickly after I started my makeup artistry program, I realized that this was my passion and this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.
Question: We heard you are working your way into IATSE. What is it about working in the film industry that is thrilling for you?

Áine: I like creating. Being able to build a character from the ground up is what I live for. Film gives you that opportunity. Everything has to be so precise because you are seeing it up on the big screen. This is perfect for me because I obsess over details. Every part of the character needs a hundred percent of the attention. Luckily though, you have others to help you, which is another reason why I like this industry, because of teamwork.

Getting to collaborate with not only other makeup artists but the director, the writer and even other actors is so thrilling to me. There are so many different ideas that all these people bring to the table and when you combine them just right, you can really make something special.
Traveling is a big passion for me and I can’t wait to see the world. Luckily, that’s a major part of this industry. So that is very exciting. I mean, you never know where you’ll end up finding yourself doing makeup one day. I once worked out the back of a car in the pouring rain. It was interesting, to say the least, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.
Question: You were chosen by Sara to work on our 10th year anniversary photoshoot, Transformation: From Geisha to Goddess as well she invited you to be one of the models in this shoot. Please share your experience with us.

Áine: I had a great group of understanding and talented people to work with for my first ever photo shoot as a model. I’m so used to being on the other side of the camera, that I was quite nervous when it came to this. Almost instantly I felt at ease with everyone and then that allowed me to really focus on modeling. Before this, I never considered myself a model at all. By nature, I’m quite a shy person, but this experience has given me such confidence.
It’s incredible, I felt so inspired being in front of the camera. I’m actually thinking about pursuing this line of work as well, just because the experience was so great. I gained so much knowledge when it comes to working with a brand and telling a story with makeup. I feel like I’m light years ahead of where I was before.
Question: We got to ask, which are some of your must-haves from Amaterasu and why?

Áine: I am in love with the Liquid Brow Liners. You can get such a natural look with the brow liners by either creating hair like strokes with the tip or a bold fill in with the edge of the product. I also like the Liquid Eyeliner; it is very easy to work with and it's great that it comes in a black and brown shade. It glides on with ease when doing your own makeup, as well as a models makeup. Both of these products are lifesavers in my kit!
Question: What does Empowering Beauty Everywhere mean to you? 

Áine: Empowering beauty to me is expressing yourself in a way that makes you feel beautiful and confident.
It’s important to support and believe in each others goals and endeavors, which is why we love that Áine was able to share her love of makeup artistry and her plans to get into the IATSE with us.


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