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How to fix clogged liquid eyeliner Amaterasu Beauty makeup brush tips

I was getting emails over the summer months from customers saying their Liquid Eyeliner or Brow Liner has been running out after just 2 weeks of usage.

This is not typical whatsoever. My first guess is the microfiber brush may be clogged with oil from the skin during these hot summer months. I must point out, our skin produces oil all year round so if your brush seems clogged, do try the below steps.

Here are some tips on how to fix this quickly so that your favourite Liquid Liner will be back to performing smoothly again.

  1. Draw a few lines on a paper towel to help remove debris (oil, eyeshadow, primers) from your Amaterasu microfiber brush tip.

  2. If this fails, run the brush tip under room temperature water (no soap required) for approx. 5-10 seconds and then return to drawing on the paper towel.

NOTE: Filtered water is preferable for the cleaning of Amaterasu micro-fiber tips and brushes.
This process should quickly and easily allow the product to flow again.

Well wishes, Sara

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