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How to achieve the perfect doe eye Audrey Hepburn Amaterasu Beauty


Audrey Hepburn was a British actress known as a beautiful Hollywood darling with her doe-eyed makeup look and ponytail. What made her so sweet and alluring at the same time? It’s what we love about her, her thick boyish brows, big round eyes, and pretty lashes. 

I was asked quite often how one could recreate the Audrey Hepburn Doe-Eyed Look. I gathered four key products to create this look: a brow liner, a mascara, an eye pencil, and a shimmer pencil.

The mascara I chose was the Geisha Ink Silk Mascara. This mascara is different from the rest because it is slightly softer, but still super buildable. Some mascaras go on creamy and thick, but that is not the Doe-Eyed Look. The Silk Mascara goes on fine and even in every layer thanks to the Silk Powder it contains. The result is a full set of refined looking lashes that are not the night-club-type, but rather the pretty ‘girl-next-door.’ The best part is, it will not weigh down your natural lashes.

Then, I picked the Amaterasu Eye Pencil as the main product of the Doe-Eyed Look. It is so important to be able to line the eyes with an opaque pencil which you can soften with an angled brush. This eye pencil will not smudge and will stay true all day. I highly recommend tightlining your eyes to create an even fuller lash line, as well as to line your eyes on the bottom lash line to create a similar effect. Be sure to line the outside of your eyes instead of the inside, aka the waterline, as that would close your eyes up instead of opening them. Audrey had big round eyes and we are recreating that shape.

Next, I added some white shimmer in the inner corner of the eyes to further open them up. The end result is a bright, beautiful, and large rounded eye look. 

Last but not least, I made sure to groom the brows by sweeping the hairs upward with a clean mascara wand to create a bit of a boyish brow look, as that was what Audrey was known for. I finished the brows with our waterproof Liquid Brow Liner. To find the best shade for you, please refer to our colour chart here:



Have fun with this look!

Blog Greetings Makeup Brand Creator Amaterasu Sara Au Yeong

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