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Why is the Amaterasu Kabuki Brush so amazing and very different from the others in the industry? 

I can recall being introduced to my first ever kabuki brush at my first makeup position, when I was hired at a Canadian department store. I worked for an independent makeup brand out of Toronto that was pretty ahead of the curve considering, at the time, not many were interested in clean ingredients. The brand I worked for had a collection of very luxurious brushes.

They were very soft and made out of high end animal hair. I remember vividly how much I disliked disinfecting the brushes because of the smell it produced, due to the animal hair. The next well known company I worked for luckily sold only vegan makeup brushes, so there was no smell after cleaning.

Then, I went on and worked for various top cosmetic companies as their special event artist, guest instructor for groups of attendees, and as a makeup trainer for their in-house artists. Aside from the quality of the makeup I was selling at the time,

I was very adamant about the quality of the makeup brushes I had to use. To me, if brushes are too prickly or harsh when applied on my clients faces then I have not provided an overall blissful experience for their visit. 

When it came time for me to develop my own kabuki brush, I was very specific about the quality I was looking for. After sending my specifications off to various top suppliers in Japan, I ended up failing around 50 brushes.

Some were too dense, some were not soft enough, and some did not have the proper weight distribution which would affect the distribution of loose or pressed powder on the face. This will lead to a blotchy or uneven look. 

The combination of a top quality brush and the best quality face makeup is crucial for a smooth and seamless look. Note, when I say this it’s because I am one of the very few makeup artists out there that does not use a primer to prep my client’s face.

I believe in the correct application technique and by using high quality tools and products, one can achieve a beautiful and flawless look without having to add layers and layers of pore clogging makeup on the face.

My favourite tip for using the Amaterasu Kabuki Brush are, as such:

  1. Pour some Loose Mineral Foundation on the product lid
  2. Dab the Kabuki Brush lightly on the lid, but be careful not to pick up too much product 
  3. Dab the Kabuki Brush on the face and then gently blend the powder in a circular motion 
  4. For areas that require additional coverage, repeat steps 1 - 3
  5. You can use the same technique to apply any pressed bronzers as this Kabuki Brush works amazingly well as a buffing brush on the cheeks as well.

Creating a beautiful makeup look doesn’t need to be complicated if you have makeup that works effectively and professional grade tools like the Amaterasu Kabuki Brush. I am also a firm believer in a quick and efficient makeup application.

Personally, I spend about 5-7 minutes getting ready in the morning and my face makeup, brow liner, eyeliner, and mascara all need to perform and go on easily. I do not wear a concealer unless I really have not been sleeping well. 

The Loose Mineral Foundation also does it all for me. Lately, I have been wearing the darker shades in the collection as my bronzer. In the winter and early spring months, I wear the shade Lana but come summer and early fall, I switch over to Miyuki. Some of my very fair clients wear the shade Katsumi as their bronzer.

They love the fact that our face makeup does not turn orangey, even after a very hot sweaty day. The secret lies in the pigments that were carefully chosen and blended together.

Learn more about our makeup products like the variety of eye pencils, including the attractive shimmer eyeliner, volume mascara, and the lengthening mascara. Testimonials have confirmed that these popular makeup products are considered the best waterproof mascara and best waterproof eyeliner on the market. 

Let me know how this works out for you. 


Until next time,

Blogger Beauty Greetings Makeup Brand Creator Amaterasu Sara Au Yeong


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