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Sara reveals her expert tips for your prettiest lashes ever

How to choose the perfect mascara for you


1. How to choose the perfect mascara for you

We're all seeking the perfect mascara and have probably tried out countless brands. When it comes to narrowing it down to the one that works best, most people consult their friends, or visit a cosmetic store to seek advice.

With their recommendations in mind, I would still suggest going back to your must-have feature list: lengthening, curling, volumizing, waterproof, smudge-proof, etc. It is really important to factor in the type of lashes you have, because some mascaras tend to apply thicker than others. If you have fine lashes, certain rich formulas will weigh down your lashes, leaving them flat and lifeless.

One of my favourites is Geisha Ink: The Silk Mascara from Amaterasu Beauty. It works incredibly well for those with barely there lashes as it is designed to build length and volume by fortifying and elongating lashes. You can build it up in layers from all angles as it contains fine silk powder.


2. Apply one coat at a time and know when to stop

Now that we have chosen the perfect mascara, let’s talk about how to apply it like a pro. I often apply the first coat on my right eye, then I switch over to my left eye. This is repeated until the desired volume and length is achieved. If and when the product starts to look clumpy, that's your cue that you have layered on way too much. Most high-quality mascaras look great with about three to four coats.


3. Keep it clean

Another tip is to remember to wipe down your mascara wand every two to three weeks. This trick prevents build-up on the wand and allows for a smooth application each time.


4. Don't fear the smear

Should you ever smudge some mascara on your skin during the application, instead of rushing to clean it up, let it air dry and then you can use a clean mascara wand to flake off the smudges. If you try to remove the smudges while it is still wet, you run the risk of smearing it further.


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