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Vancouver Medium Angel Healer Intuitive Marina Hubbard wear Amaterasu Beauty Ultra Volume Mascara

If you haven’t been following our previous blog, Amaterasu Beauty Founder and Creator, Sara recently worked on the Goddess Headshots Project with some inspiring women, and one of them is Marina.

Keep reading to find out more about the first woman in our Goddess of the Week series and her role as a spiritual healer!

Sara: Tell us about what you do.

Marina: I am Marina, the Founder of Alchemy of Light, where I have worked with clients worldwide for the last 15 years as a healer, angel intuitive, and medium with a focus on full and authentic living.

Sara: How can you explain energy healing to someone who might not be familiar with what it is?

Marina: In science it is said that energy can neither be created nor destroyed and this energy is a part of us, all around us and we are using it every day. Though we may not see the atoms and cells in the body or the energy surrounding us, it is there, an active intelligence recording and responding to all the stimulus around us, and within us. As we think, feel, speak, move, eat, etc, there is a cause and effect, your system responds. Think about how on a stressful day your body responds very differently than when you are feeling more relaxed. This energy you are using is always saying yes to you.

If you feel like people don’t understand you, love you, you are not smart enough, pretty enough, the energy says ‘okay, I hear you’ and this message is recorded within you. The good news is that we can transform this energy. This is what energy healing is all about: resetting the cells and cleansing the body, emotions, and mind of previous memories or messages. This allows for the natural intelligence within you to function in a more healthy, harmonious and balanced way. There is a great power within all of us and when you know how to access it consciously, wondrous miracles await you.

Sara: How do spirituality & beauty relate to one another?

Marina: Outer beauty is directly related to one’s inner light, mood, and radiance which shines from within. We are literally wearing our thoughts and emotions. Even the simple act of smiling increases your radiance and can bring out someone’s inner beauty. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder then it is something received, not seen.

When we resonate with another’s image what we are really accessing is the spirit within projected outward. Try thinking peaceful thoughts for 3 minutes, then go look in the mirror. Now experiment with thinking sad or angry thoughts for 3 minutes and look again. You will see for yourself the difference and that true beauty really is an inside job.

Sara: While we're on the topic of beauty, what are your favourite Amaterasu products?

Marina: I absolutely love the Liquid Brow Liner; I use the shade Chestnut. It was a total game changer. Next favourite is the Ultra Volume Mascara in black. If the eyes are the Window to the Soul, it just makes sense to brighten them up and help our soul's light shine through.

Sara: What does Empowering Beauty Everywhere mean to you?

Marina: There’s no one on this Earth like you and you were born to be your own kind of beauty. Embrace what life gave you; comparison is a killer of joy. Forget what others are doing, wearing, and be your own kind of wonderful. Empowering beauty is saying “I Am Here” and giving yourself permission to take up some space in this world and be seen. There will never be another you, and that’s pretty darn special like a snowflake, you are Perfect and one of kind. Time to shine!

We hope that you were able to learn more about Marina and spiritual healing! Don't forget that there will never be anyone on this Earth like you, so you should always embrace who you are.

A big thank you to Marina for taking the time out of her schedule to answer some of our questions! Be on the lookout for more of our Goddess of the Week series soon!

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