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2019 New Makeup Look Tips Application Technique Amaterasu Beauty 24 Hour Eye Pencil

2019 is here and we want to take this opportunity to wish you an amazing year and thank you for your support in 2018!

For all of us who love fashion & beauty, one major thing on everyone’s minds is: what will be the next big makeup trend for 2019?

If you’ve already read our most recent blog post with makeup artist Andrea Tiller, you know that she doesn’t follow trends, she does “what feels right and what makes [her] clients feel their most beautiful.”

We feel the same way, so for makeup for 2019 we wanted to go back to basics with a natural look!

Here are a few tips from Founder and Creator of Amaterasu Beauty Sara Au Yeong on some of the different ways you can enhance your features with more a natural makeup look this new year!

You may have seen many of the super defined and filled brows featured on Instagram throughout the past several years. Those looks aren’t exactly ‘natural,’ but you can still achieve the similar, clean appearance in a natural way. Sara suggests that you can still create perfect brows with the Amaterasu Liquid Brow Liner. Realistic hair-like strokes are easily achieved with the Brow Liners microfibre brush and the waterproof formula means your brows will stay perfect all day long.

Subtlety can be the key to producing a unique, but natural look. The Amaterasu Shimmer Eye Pencil has been designed to give the right amount of subtlety you need. You can apply it on the inner corner of your eyes, or under the brow bone, to brighten and be used as a quick pick-me-up. The dual-sided Shimmer Eye Pencil comes with a white and gold shade to give everyone the perfect Goddess glow!

Sometimes black liner can seem too harsh or intense for daytime. Sara suggests looking for a slightly lighter shade, such as Amaterasu’s Espresso Liquid Eyeliner. With Espresso, you’ll still get all the the features of a liquid liner, but with a softer finish that enhances your whole look! Waterproof and smudge-proof, the Liquid Liner will also last all day long.

Playing around with colour can be a fun way to create a unique look or to enhance your natural eye colour. A simple way to add colour to your everyday makeup is with Amaterasu's Eye Pencils, which are another great product to use for a natural, but effective, change to your makeup. For Sara, the shades Nutmeg and Sage are her top two picks for a softer look that won’t feel too made up.

It seems, nowadays, most people want to get more of everything out of their mascaras. According to Sara, toning things down doesn’t mean you have to miss out on those voluminous and full lashes. For a more everyday look, you may want to try out the Amaterasu Silk Mascara, also known as the ‘Girl Next Door’ mascara. With it’s fine bristles, the Silk Mascara evenly deposits the right amount of product for full, featherlight lashes.

Please enjoy these tips from Sara and most of all: Be Yourself! The most beautiful thing we can all do is stay true to ourselves, so tune in each day and see what look you are being guided to create each day with your makeup.

Look and feel your most beautiful this year, starting from the joy you feel within.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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