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International New York Makeup Artist Vancouver Andrea Tiller Amaterasu Beauty Interview

Andrea Tiller is a name to watch out for! A Vancouver native who is doing big things internationally, her makeup artistry has caught the eye of some of the biggest names in the fashion & beauty industry. Things changed for Andrea overnight when Amy Schumer mentioned her makeup artist in her Emmy award winning speech in 2015. Here Amaterasu brand creator Sara Au Yeong talks to Andrea about life, beauty and her staple Amaterasu products!

Sara: Have you always wanted to be a makeup artist? What was it that attracted you to this career path?

Andrea: Growing up, and since I was a child, I was always really into art (drawing, painting and designing). I always would be taking art classes and constantly sketching and making drawings of my surroundings. When it came to figuring out what I wanted to do after high school as a career I wanted to attend Emily Carr University of Art + Design for Graphic Design. I decided to take a year off before going back to school and was a server at a restaurant where I met a bartender that worked at MAC, and then I decided makeup artistry was it!

Also, Americas Next Top Model came out and Fashion TV played a huge factor because those shows always showed us what happened backstage and behind the scenes. This also opened up a whole new world for me that I never knew existed and I wanted to do what those makeup artists were doing, being creative, getting models ready for big shoots and fashion shows. I loved fashion, art, travelling and people so this was a no brainer once I actually discovered it could be a career!

Sara: You are a Vancouver local, did you always want to move to New York or was it something that just happened? How do you like East Coast living?

Andrea: Moving to New York/USA was always just a fantasy for me and I never in a million years thought I would end up living here. I had the right client at the right time who made this transition possible and I’m very thankful for that. East Coast living is VERY different and great; I recommend people to spend time in NYC if you want to grow thicker skin. People here are direct but so am I, so I fit right in and I 100% agree that if you can make it in NYC, you can make it anywhere! However, I still LOVE Vancouver and always say if it wasn’t for my career I would still live there; it’s the perfect city to me!

Sara: How do you stay centred with such a hectic schedule? Any tips for fellow busy career women?

Andrea: I have a great support system (amazing friends and family) who always are there for me! I think it’s crucial to have this especially in this industry! There will be tons of highs and tons of lows (emotionally and financially), so just keep going and do your thing. I learned early not to compare myself to others and just focus on my own path. Besides travelling for work, I also love to travel and take time off (either to Vancouver or somewhere with a beach) to recharge, reflect and get centered!

Sara: What do you think the look for 2019 will be? Both trending looks & your own personal style?

Andrea: I don’t follow trends, I just do what feels right and what makes my clients feel their most beautiful! However, I always love juicy skin and natural/full brows, which I know will always be on trend!

Sara: What are your favourite Amaterasu products and why?

Andrea: The Liquid Brow Liners are a staple in my personal and professional kit because the colouring is amazing. When I apply it, it looks like natural hair strokes, which is extremely important to me as an artist.

Sara: What does Empowering Beauty Everywhere mean to you?

Andrea: Feeling your most beautiful and having confidence. If you have those 2 you can conquer the world!

We are so grateful to Andrea for taking the time to talk to us! She is truly an inspiration and we look forward to following her journey in life & artistry.

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