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Holiday Must Have Eye Liner, Pencil, Mascara Brow Makeup Amaterasu Beauty Staff Picks

If you’re looking for any last minute gifts, or you’re just looking for something new to try, the Amaterasu Staff has some amazing holiday picks for you!

Each member of our staff was asked what Amaterasu products they couldn’t live without and why they chose that specific item. So, keep reading to find out the most-loved products from the Amaterasu staff!

Sara: Founder & Creator

I love our Espresso Liquid Eyeliners for a day to evening look and if I want a more intense look, I go for our Black for a mean cat-eye look, and the Shimmer Eye Pencil for the inner corner of my eyes is a must. Lastly, I do not leave my home without my Taupe Brow Liner!

My daytime mascara is definitely Silk Mascara. It is known as the pretty mascara because it gives you the ‘girl-next-door’ look.

I also like to layer 3 coats of the Volume Mascara and finish off with 2 coats of Massive Length Mascara for the evening. I wear either the Royal or Plum Eye Pencil, in the lower lash line. I created these products because I could find anything like that out there. I need something that was dependable, quick, and efficient. I know I don’t have to keep checking my makeup because it won’t smudge!

: Marketing

The Liquid Brow Liner in Taupe, the Massive Length Mascara and the Espresso Liquid Eyeliner; I can’t survive without them. They’re just the quickest, easiest pick-me-up! I don’t know, I feel not put together if I don’t use them. What else can I say? I can’t survive without them!

Shelley: Graphic Design

My favourites out of the collection are the Liquid Eyeliner and the Lengthening Mascara. I feel like the eyeliner is really easy to control and with the Massive Length Mascara the results are immediate and it’s also very long-lasting.

Grace: Graphic Design

The Liquid Brow Liner is my must-have. I like it because it’s really easy to apply and gives a natural look.

Nicky: Creative Writing

I don’t think I could live without the Volume Mascara. It does everything I ever wanted a mascara to do; it separates my lashes and adds the perfect amount of volume. I have really sensitive eyes and I wear contact lenses, so a lot of other mascaras will irritate me, but the Ultra Volume has never done that, and it’s never flaked or smudged on me since I started using it!

We hope you enjoyed learning about our favourite Amaterasu products and maybe we even gave you a bit of holiday inspiration! Let us know what your favourite Amaterasu products are in the comments below!

Happy Holidays!

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