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Vancouver Florist and Dancer Caylan Climpson Amaterasu Beauty Photo Model Eye Pencil

We'd like for everyone to meet Caylan Climpson, a model who helped bring Soul in Bloom to life and one of the talented ladies behind Wildflower Souls Floral. In our interview, we were able to get to know more about Caylan and what makes her an incredible person to be around.

Sara: Tell us about yourself! What do you do and what do you love?

Caylan: I am Caylan :) I grew up in a big family in a small town north of Toronto and I have been in Vancouver for 7 amazing years. I am Libra Rising, Leo Sun, Aquarius Moon, astrology loving gal! I am a woman, a healer, a daughter, sister, Auntie (newest role that I adore!!!), and a friend. I love flowers, Mother Earth, my friends and family, and this expansive incredible life I am here to live!

Sara: Your Instagram bio says “my soul is for the light.” Tell us what this means, please.

Caylan: Well! Fun fact about me, I consciously use my Instagram as a platform to connect to my higher self and the Divine Creator! Every post is encapsulating memories I want to remember and thank the creator for. “My soul is for the light” was a message I heard so clearly in a plant medicine meditation. It speaks to my truth, strength and power. I am Light. I am from and of the Light. Any perceived ‘darkness’ does not have the ability to overcome my light. It reminds me daily to shine my authentic light bright! (Because I have spent so much time keeping myself small and fearing how bright my light is)

Sara: We understand you are also in school right now too, tell us about what you are studying.

Caylan: I just completed my 2nd of 3 years of my counsellors training program with Clearmind International. It is a transpersonal psychology program based on Family Systems Theory and A Course in Miracles. Counselling is healing modality that has helped me immensely in my journey, and to offer my healing abilities through this modality is incredibly fulfilling, heart-centred work! My dream is to incorporate flower energy into my counselling practice. Flowers are incredible emotional supporters.

Sara: What is your favourite self care practice or beauty routine?

Caylan: DANCING + Baths :) I teach Qoya, a movement based healing modality that empowers women to embody their feelings and experience how movement can be medicine ( Every morning I wake up and dance to connect to my body and feelings. Some days it’s a slow quiet dance, and other days it is a loud party. Movement is my medicine that helps me defrost my once numb body and connect with how I am truly feeling before going out into the world. As for my baths, they are GODDESS BATHS that are filled with crystals, flowers, essential oils and salts. I can meditate and be with myself in a bath for hours. It is a very grounding, intentional self-care ‘me time’ that’s so good for me!

Sara: What is your favourite Amaterasu product? Why?

Caylan: My favourite product is the Liquid Brow Liner!!! It was a serious game changer for me! It feels so light and subtle, yet dramatically full and natural at the same time. Love it so much!

Sara: What does empowering beauty mean to you?

Caylan: Empowering beauty for me means seeing myself and my features that I feel are beautiful and highlighting the features that I find beauty in. It is going out into the world holding this sense of beauty, yet not needing it to be for anyone else but myself. It’s a warming electric joy that emanates out of my cheeks and eyes!

We loved having Caylan as a part of Soul in Bloom and love that she believes your sense of beauty doesn’t need to be for anyone, but yourself. Be yourself and remember that self care practices or rituals can help to keep you grounded. 

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