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Behind the scenes of The Making of The Empress and The Goddess Amaterasu Beauty Eye Makeup

When Sara was at fashion school she created a 'magnificent' handcrafted Manchurian headdress, according to her cousin Kelvin who was visiting from Australia at the time. They were all having dinner when he began describing the texture and colour and how it had left a lasting impression on him. This was 5 years ago. With this memory, Sara knew that she would expand on this theme, but with a very empowering message. Today, Sara shares her vision for this brand new photoshoot and how it came to life.

Question: What was the inspiration behind The Empress and The Goddess photoshoot?

Sara: I have always wanted to do a shoot drawing inspiration from the Manchurian Dynasty because of my personal and childhood fascination with their headdresses and fashion, especially those of the royal court.

After much research, I was disappointed to learn that many of the most well known empresses at that time were not very nice and extremely manipulative. They were ruthless and would brainwash the Emperor, and even kill off those who got in their way, including family members.

Luckily, there were a few notable empresses who were kind and kept the best interest of their kingdom and citizens at heart. They were well-loved by many.

I contemplated on the good versus bad information I gathered in my research, and decided to come up with my own version as every photoshoot at Amaterasu shares an empowering message.

Question: How did you meet the two models who participated in The Empress and The Goddess?

Sara: It is often thought that those born with good looks will use them to manipulate others. Throughout history, many women have gained a bad reputation by doing so, although there are also many heroines.

I have been wanting to work with Alysia and Angelina Sainas who were our two models for this shoot. These two beauties are true earth angels; so sweet and kind. I met the girls through their mom Karen Sainas (a yoga therapist and conscious uncoupling coach). From start to finish, the girls were super accommodating and even offered to help setup and take down. Now, when I say they're attitude free I mean it.

Question: What do you hope to achieve with this photoshoot?

Sara: I hope to motivate young women to be involved in their community to empower others.

The media often portrays beautiful girls with so much power and it can be intimidating and misleading. I do not want the public opinion to confuse beautiful girls with mean girls. At Amaterasu, we are passionate about true beauty that comes from the inside first. 

Be on the lookout for more stunning images from The Empress and The Goddess soon! We'd also like to let you know that from October 1 to December 31, 2019, a proceed of all our online orders will go to the Bodhicitta Foundation.

We genuinely believe that true beauty comes from the inside, from the goodness of your heart and soul. 

Photo credit: Karen Sainas

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