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Model and DJ Baljt Rayat wearing smudgefree Royal Eye Pencil Amaterasu Beauty

Amaterasu Founder and Creator Sara Au Yeong envisioned two brides meeting at a florist shop and immediately connecting, for our Soul in Bloom photoshoot. Just as in Sara’s story, our two models actually connected, as well!

One of the two wonderful ladies who brought the story and vision of Soul in Bloom to life is Baljit Rayat! Learn more about Baljit and her work in the field of Spirituality and Wellness in our interview, below.

Sara: How did you get into the field of Spirituality and Wellness? Was that your plan?

Baljit: I was working full time at an architectural firm "living the life," making good money, great friends, partying, but I still felt completely empty inside and out of purpose. Through deep depression and a panic disorder, I had a choice to change knowing that if I didn't I probably would not still be here. With a full-hearted “yes” to life, guidance immediately came in and so did my teachers who've been supporting me on my path to living my purpose and always in my truth. I knew right then that I would leave my job in architecture and go full time in a soul purpose business.

Sara: How do you help people in your sessions and workshops?

Baljit: I support souls intuitively through the Akashic Records by aligning them back to their Soul Blueprints so they can live their truth, purpose, and express their visionary gifts.

Sara: What is your favourite self-care practice to help you relax?

Baljit: I love reflexology and walking in nature. It keeps me grounded and nourished :)

Sara: What advice would you give to young women who might not always feel confident in themselves?

Baljit: To write down all of their superpowers and how they share their superpowers.

Sara: What is your favourite Amaterasu product? Why?

Baljit: My favourite Amaterasu product is the Royal Eye Pencil. It looks good on my skin tone and makes my eyes pop more, in a good way. The shade of blue is just perfect!

Sara: What does empowering beauty mean to you?

Baljit: Empowering beauty is feeling beautiful within yourself no matter what shape, size, or colour you are. It is an energy that exudes from the inside-out as one stands in their truth and the acceptance of who they are.

We loved having Baljit as a part of our team for Soul in Bloom and we hope you liked getting to know her, just as much as we did. Just as Baljit said, remember to accept who you are and know that beauty comes from the inside-out.

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