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Why my mom loves this Shimmer Eye Pencil All Day Formula Amaterasu Beauty Natural Makeup

I’ve discovered so many amazing products from Amaterasu and one of my favourites is the Shimmer Eye Pencil. It gives me a natural, lit-from-within glow in seconds and fits easily into every clutch and handbag that I own. Since it’s dual-sided with a soft, shimmery White and a cool, icy Gold this Eye Pencil is also perfect for every complexion and skin tone. 

And no matter your age, you are guaranteed to love this product, just ask my mom! We both love it for some of the same reasons and I don’t think either of us could go back to any other highlighter. When my mom saw me wearing the Shimmer Eye Pencil, she immediately asked what is was and then asked if she could borrow it.

I lent her my Shimmer Eye Pencil for a few days and she came back raving and asking if I could order one for her. She loves that it’s in the form of a pencil because it’s so much easier to control and apply evenly onto your skin, such as the inner corner of your eyes. Anything to reduce the amount of time in front of the mirror is ideal for the both of us. 

One of the reasons  my mom also loves the Shimmer Eye Pencil is that it’s vegan, made with clean ingredients and safe to use on her skin. My eyes are also quite sensitive and I wear contacts, so I’ve had problems with highlighting powders/creams irritating my eyes or getting onto my contact lenses. The Shimmer Eye Pencil doesn’t bother me at all. 

This is the product that my mom uses daily and I always use it to create the perfect summer glow in seconds. If there is one thing that my mom and I can agree upon, is how great the Shimmer Eye Pencil is. 


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