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8 Reasons Why Women Everywhere Are Talking About Natural Makeup Brands

8 Reasons Why Women Everywhere Are Talking About Natural Makeup Brands Amaterasu Beauty
8 Reasons Why Women Everywhere Are Talking About Natural Makeup
Natural cosmetics are the latest craze that is changing the face of the beauty world—and for good reason. More and more people care about what they put on their skin. Now more than ever, consumers are studying labels and learning about the potentially harmful ingredients found in conventional makeup.

Today’s women want cleaner products made with pure, nature-derived ingredients to help reduce the toxic load in the body. With natural cosmetics breathing new life into beauty routines everywhere, a growing number of makeup brands are taking notice and changing their formulas to meet the demand. 

So why do so many women prefer cleaner cosmetics? Read on to learn all the benefits of making the switch to natural makeup brands. 

#1. No Skin Irritation 
Is your skin red, itchy, or otherwise irritated? Current makeup irritating your skin? If this sounds like you, it could be triggering your skin problems. Using cosmetics with harmful chemicals, artificial colours, and by-products can lead to redness and rashes. 

Clean cosmetics are made with natural formulations and earth-derived minerals that won’t irritate the skin and are gentle enough to use every day. With natural makeup brands, say goodbye to irritation and hello to radiant, healthy looking skin.   

#2. Paraben or Phthalate Free
Many traditional cosmetics are packed with ingredients that are hard to understand, and next to impossible to pronounce. Two controversial cosmetic chemicals you probably have heard a ton about are called parabens and phthalates—and you should seriously be concerned about these ingredients if they are in your makeup. 

Why? That is because phthalates and parabens have been shown to affect the body’s hormones, disrupting estrogen production. And if that wasn’t bad enough, these compounds are also linked to a host of other health-related problems, including cancer, a compromised immune system, fertility issues, and development disorders. 

#3. Non Comedogenic
Many traditional cosmetics can clog pores, preventing the skin from “breathing.” Makeup that causes this type of skin reaction are called comedogens. When ignored, using these cosmetics can not only lead to pimples, but also cause blemishes and uneven skin texture and tone. 

To keep acne, breakouts, and large pores at bay, non-comedogenic makeup is the effective, natural solution. These formulas have been developed to keep your skin healthy and congestion-free. For a fresh comfortable feel that delivers a flawless makeup base, use products that won’t build up in your pores. 

#4. Compatible With All Skin Types
Wouldn’t it be great if there was a one-size-fits-all makeup solution for your skin? Truth be told, it already exists! Unlike many conventional cosmetics, natural makeup doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that can aggravate your skin. Whether you have oily, dry, or sensitive skin, clean cosmetics are perfect for all skin types.

They have been tested and proven by dermatologists to be gentle and safe to use. So, you will never have to worry about worsening your skin condition.  

#4. A Wide Selection to Choose From
When it comes to natural makeup, there is certainly no shortage of options to choose from. Sure, they might be new on the beauty scene, but there are already a multitude of fabulous products for makeup fanatics to swoon over. 

You will find a huge selection of natural, clean, and vegan makeup to choose from, including liquid eyeliner, mascara, brow liner, bronzers, and so much more. So, no matter which cosmetics you have put on your shopping list, natural makeup brands have you covered. 

#5. Quality Results 
Think natural makeup brands can’t keep up with your current tried-and-true beauty routine? Think again. The powerful, natural ingredients are formulated with industry-changing technology in cosmetics, delivering superior results. 

Weightless and perfect for all-day wear, today’s clean makeup uses earth-derived, sustainable ingredients that are smudge-proof and waterproof and removes easily with your favourite oil-based cleanser. 

#6. Talc-Free
Worried that your cosmetics contain talc? Used to prevent caking, this common ingredient is found in many top-selling makeup brands. Unfortunately, for those of you who have sensitive skin, the powder can cause irritation, especially around the eyes. And if inhaled, it can lead to coughing, breathing difficulties, burning sensations in the throat, and respiratory problems. 

Why jeopardize your health if you don’t have to? With natural makeup brands, get all the benefits of talc without the risks. 

#7. Does Not Dry the Skin
Did you know that alcohol dries out your skin?  Many regular cosmetics contain alcohol that can deteriorate your skin’s protective barrier. Over time, this pro-aging ingredient can cause your skin to lose its ability to retain moisture, leading to dryness, fine lines, and even wrinkles. 

Given the damaging effects of cosmetics that contain alcohol, it is easy to see why you want to avoid them. Buying natural makeup brands will help protect your skin and lock in moisture. 

#8. Fits Your Budget
Natural makeup brands don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, many clean beauty products are less expensive than the synthetic brands. While price alone shouldn’t be the determining factor on choosing the right makeup, you don’t want to be overcharged on any product you simply can’t afford. 

Wanting to adopt a new, more natural lifestyle with cleaner cosmetics? With so many reasons to choose natural makeup brands, you will wonder why you haven’t made the switch sooner. Our best selling 24 hour liquid eyeliner, the highly reviewed best liquid eyeliner on the market, non-smudge eye pencils, silk mascara and vegan makeup.  Our sweat proof eyebrow line are developed from a liquid eyebrow liner that is effective for filling in eyebrows or creating a dramatic look. 

When you expect more from your makeup, look to Amaterasu Beauty for cleaner cosmetics. 

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