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Makeup Artist Jana Bizzarri

Vancouver markup artist Jana Bizzari interview with Amaterasu Beauty

We had the honour of working with Jana Bizzarri as our makeup artist for our latest photoshoot. You’ll all be seeing the amazing work that Jana created using our Amaterasu Beauty products soon, but you’ll also be able to get to know Jana, too!

After meeting Jana and spending time with her, we wanted to learn more about her, so, we were so glad to have the opportunity to ask her a few questions. Keep reading to learn about Jana, including what inspires her and why she believes in the importance of doing what you love. 


Sara: What inspires you to be a makeup artist?

Jana: I’m inspired by being able to use makeup to highlight the natural beauty of a client, not just covering them up, but also enhancing their natural features.


Sara: Do you have a signature look and what is your favourite type of makeup to do?

Jana: My favourite type of makeup is probably a very fresh natural look. I love a no makeup style with good skin, perfect eyebrows, and beautiful lashes that you can glam out with a little eyeliner.


Sara: How was your experience working in your first Amaterasu Beauty shoot?

Jana: Working in my first Amaterasu Beauty shoot was so much fun. There was such good energy and a very happy atmosphere on set. The models were lovely, I already knew the photographer Liz Dungate who is amazing to work with. It was also wonderful to meet you, Sara, and to have such an inspiring chat about meditation, environment, people and nature. You are such a beautiful soul and a very inspiring woman.


Sara: Do you have any favourite Amaterasu Beauty makeup and why?

Jana: I’m in love with Amaterasu Beauty makeup. I really appreciate it being cruelty-free and paraben-free, which makes it such a great choice for any client. And it doesn’t smudge, it really doesn’t! 

I really like the Eyeliners! The best part is that I can apply it in the morning and stop worrying about it all day long. And I also love the Sage Eye Pencil because it’s just the perfect shade of green.


Sara: What is a cause that is important to you and why?

Jana: For me, it is very important to spend my life doing what I really like and making someone happy with what I’m doing. There’s nothing more accomplishing than seeing my clients happy smiles when they look at themselves in the mirror after my makeup application. 

Keep dreaming, keep growing, and keep improving. That’s what motivates me and makes me happy. And also meeting people that inspire me, there are so many beautiful human beings around us.


It was so wonderful to get to speak with Jana and we hope you enjoyed getting to know her, just as much as we did! Remember to check our social media for all the new makeup looks from our latest photoshoot, created by Jana

You can find Jana on Instagram @janabizz 

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