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Life gets busy and we may not have as much time as we would like to experience the different and trendy looks that are popular now. Some of us prefer tried and tested makeup tips as they are forever classy and never go out of style. Here are 3 Eye Makeup Hacks us girls at Amaterasu swear by. We think you should give it a try too!

These 3 eye makeup hacks are stunning! 

1) Always line your eyes.

Whether you like a smouldering eye pencil look or a sharp liquid liner cat-eye, wearing eyeliner makes your eyes stand out in a huge way. I suggest doing a small wing at the corner of your eyes as it offers a lifted look instantaneously.

Makeup Hacks for your eyes Amaterasu Beauty

Photo: Jasmine Hoffman IG: @jasminehoffman

To try:

2) Always wear mascara.

Having long and full lashes is beautiful. Most of us will benefit from an amazing mascara that is smudge-proof and waterproof. Just by coating our lashes it will immediately lengthen, volumize and curl our natural lashes. A full set of lashes adds to a very youthful look.

Best eye shadow makeup tips Amaterasu Beauty

Photo: Eclectica Beauty / IG: @eclecticabeauty

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3) Always do your brows.

I can’t say this enough, never leave home without brow makeup. It literally can take 5 years off your face. Opt for natural looking brow makeup instead of something too thick, heavy or opaque. The goal is soft, pretty and a slightly arched set of brows.

Best eye brow hack Amaterasu Beauty
Photo: Beauty Babe Lounge / IG: @beautybabelounge


To try:

Adding the above steps in your daily routine is a game changer for your looks. Why not give it a try? Wait for the compliments to come and rest assured: all eyes will be on you!

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