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We love our models and always choose women (and men, stay tuned!) who are more than just a pretty face. Our featured models for Fall are both incredible human beings and wanted to let you get to know them a bit better.



Christyn M Hall is an amazing fine artist whose original artwork is breathtaking and memorable. Check her out at

Mona Aziz is a multi talented creative maven who wears many hats: photographer, model, stylist, actress and jewellery designer and mother to a beautiful young girl. 

Questions for Mona & Christyn

Sara: What are you doing this season for creative & personal growth?

Christyn: This season has me laser-focused on creating a new series of paintings for a show I am having in November, so, really, my whole existence is creative growth! As an artist, I find myself in the midst of personal development every day when I sit down at my canvas; I face my demons, battle them, resuscitate my virtues and paint hand in hand with the divine energies that make the art come to life!! I am super blessed to have work that enables me a creative outlet and the platform to develop myself as a heart-centred business babe too.

Mona: Every winter season I like to pick up a hobby and a topic to focus on for the entire 6 months and I become obsessed with them. This year I've picked up hand embroidery as well as doing extensive research on the topic of psychology of consumer behaviour within the realm of fashion. I don't focus on personal growth, as in it’s something I've incorporated in my everyday practice that it's second nature to me now and I don't really have to think about it. Having a little daughter also helps with that!

 beauty quote christyn amaterasu

Sara: Please tell us about your favourite self-care/beauty ritual

Christyn: My favourite beauty ritual is to have a hot bath a couple of times a week. I add baking soda and doTERRA essential oils of Geranium and Cedarwood. It's a total detox delight!

Mona: I love to take one night in the week once everyone is asleep in the house and put on my most comfortable (and 'frumpy' as my husband calls it haha) pyjamas, do a deep cleanse on my face, put on a couple face masks and grab a good book to read.


Sara: How do you deal with stress and why this works for you?

Christyn: How do I deal with stress...well, my secret weapons are definitely breath and meditation and essential oils. When life gets out of control, I make myself sit and breathe, sometimes inhaling scents that help me ground, and then, I pray to my Innermost for help, and I observe within myself what exactly has triggered me, or caused stress to course through my Being. I do this until I feel peace wash over my nervous system and can open my eyes. Everything looks and feels differently after that.

Mona: For me it's very simple, mind you it's taken years to cultivate; but, I like to simply close my eyes and just feel how small I am in the world and I'm fine. Nowadays it really takes a lot for me to feel stressed out.


Sara: What is your favourite Amaterasu product and why?

Christyn: My favourite Amaterasu product is definitely the Liquid Brow Liner. My eyebrows love when I draw in feathery strokes, just enough to add character and a little bit of oomph! It helps define my entire face!

Mona: I'm in love with your Liquid Brow Liner because it really does a great job at filling in some of the bare spots in my eyebrows and giving my eyebrows a nice shape. The Black Liquid Eyeliner is a go to for me when I want to do a cat eye look for those date nights with my husband or a night out with my girlfriends.


Thanks to Mona and Christyn for taking the time to chat. We wish you all the best in all your endeavours and look forward to seeing and hearing more from you in the future.




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