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 The making of Cleopatra photo shoot

Our recent Cleopatra photo shoot was an amazing example of women helping women. We planned and executed it in less than a week and everything fell into place perfectly. Both our model Natania and makeup artist Micah happened to be in town that day. Sara, the creator, and founder of Amaterasu stepped up to be the photographer.

Just the night before the shoot, Maryam the owner of Maryam Collahi Studio in Yaletown offered her beautiful space for us to use. Elise has an 8-month-old baby who also came to join the fun, and ended up being featured in the shoot as you can see here! Her good friend, film producer Rosalee of Sumitra Media dropped by to help take care of him.

While we were changing baby’s diaper in the hall, we met an amazing woman named Veronika who offered her gorgeous office next door at Yaletown Law to shoot photos in. Sara offered Veronika some product as a thank you for using her space. At first, she said no as she didn’t expect anything, she was just being kind and generous. Sara insisted and asked Veronika what she looks for in a mascara, and explained the difference between our Ultra Volume Mascara and Massive Length Mascara. They agreed that Veronika would love both of these mascaras for different looks.

The result of our magical photo shoot was beautiful photos that captured our vision exactly. We also created beautiful connections with one another and enjoyed the energy of a successfully completed project. We are so grateful to everyone who contributed their talents and resources and look forward to more magical projects like this. What wonderful things could you create if you joined forces with the other women in your life? We look forward to finding out!

Sending you and your beautiful self-much love today!




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