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amaterasu women helping women 

We are really passionate about women helping women. Supporting and nourishing one another so we can all thrive in the many roles we all play in our families, careers and the world. The Dalai Lama famously said “The world will be saved by the Western Women” and we definitely agree!

Women by nature are compassionate, nurturing, giving and kind. They tend to think about the good of all when making decisions. This is the reason why many charitable organizations choose to do loan programs to women in impoverished countries with great success. Experience has shown time and time again that the women will use the loan to start a business that can successfully support themselves and their families.

One of our main philosophies at Amaterasu is Empowering Beauty. We encourage women to accept and love themselves as they are, and to use makeup to enhance their natural beauty rather than hide or mask their features. We celebrate all shapes, sizes, colours, nationalities and ages of women and believe that all women (and men!) are beautiful.

It sounds cliché – but true beauty is definitely within. However, we also enjoy the art of adornment and making ourselves beautiful through self-care, body and facial skin care, and of course – makeup! All of our products have been designed carefully to be top quality, long lasting and easy to apply for today’s busy woman. Taking just five minutes to do our brows, put on mascara or quickly put on eyeliner can make such a difference. The little details can go a long way to help us look and feel our very best every day.

Sending you and your beautiful self much love today!





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