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Happy Golden Week from Amaterasu


This week in Japan is called “Golden Week” and it is a time that the Sun Goddess Amaterasu herself is honoured. It is a national holiday in Japan and it is a busy and exciting time with many festivals and celebrations. During this special time of year, there are several customs and traditions that people partake in. It is recommended that if you want to travel in Japan during this time of year, that you book your accommodations and transportation at least 6 months in advance since there are so many people traveling around enjoying the festivities. It also aligns with a children’s festival called Hakata which includes a parade that features Japan’s legendary Gods and Goddesses.

One of Amaterasu’s sacred symbols is a mirror. A tradition during Golden Week is to open up all the curtains and windows to let the light and sunshine into the home. Then, take a hand mirror and allow the light to be reflected throughout every corner and space in the home. This practice is in alignment to Buddhist tradition where they will place mirrors on the windows facing the outside to deflect bad energies and attract good fortune. Amaterasu is often depicted holding a mirror, which is believed to be a sacred mirror that reflects the light and energy of the sun. Try this simple yet powerful practice this week and let us know how it goes!

Yellow and Gold are the colours of Amaterasu and wearing these colours to honour her is also common during this special time. We will definitely be using the gold side of our Shimmer Eye Pencil to celebrate this season!

What is unique about Amaterasu is that she is one of the few deities in any culture that is a feminine sun Goddess. Her name means ” Great Shining Goddess of Heaven and her blessings are usually attributed to community, tradition, kinship and the sun. She is also an archer and a weaver who is said to make the garments of the Gods. You can see why we named our company after this strong and powerful woman who brings healing and light to the world and our relationships.

Wherever you are in the world, you can always celebrate light and joy and the blessings of the beautiful season ahead. We wish you a beautiful week and may all your endeavours and projects be Golden!


P.S – To learn more about the myths and legends of the Goddess Amaterasu, you can read more here.


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