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Real Life Models with Amaterasu Beauty

I love featuring everyday women wearing Amaterasu makeup. It shows that our professional line of makeup is user-friendly enough for everyone and yet it was originally designed for professional use.

This season, you will find lots of photos on our newly designed website with familiar faces of my team and some of our closest family and friends. Some of them were really shy about sharing their faces with you, but we managed to talk them into striking a couple of poses here and there, all for very good reasons.

As we continue to promote our ‘Empowering Beauty Everywhere’ motto, I do think that sometimes we just need to be reminded of how beautiful we are and I plan to use this space to do just that.

If you are already using our products, be sure to share your beautiful look on Instagram with us. Just remember to use hashtags #amaterasubeauty #amabeauty

It truly warms my heart to see how much beauty surrounds us!


Till next time with much love,

Sara Au Yeong

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