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 Amaterasu Beauty Intro to Ultra Volume Mascara, Silk Mascara and Espresso Liquid Eyeliner

October really flew by because we were so busy with the new layout of our website; continuing to inform our fellow editors, bloggers and fans of our new name from Geisha Ink to Amaterasu (AH-mah-TAY-ra-su); and of course, my usual product development projects late into the nights.

We’re still getting lots of excitement on two of our latest products. One of them is no stranger to any: our fabulous Ultra Volume Mascara. I know I’ve kept you waiting for a really long time but we have honed this formula and it’s the new beast (in a good way) in town. Why, you ask? Well, we kinda made it even ‘better’. My bad…For those who are curious, what is the difference between The Silk Mascara vs. Ultra Volume? Short answer, The Silk is designed to be ultra-buildable which means you can keep applying one coat after another until you achieve your desired results. Ultra Volume on the other hand, deposits product quickly and in a swift manner. Based on its name, it is definitely ultra volumizing.

I wouldn’t recommend over-coating Ultra Volume or it might end up looking clumpy. Always remember to wipe down your mascara wand with paper towel to keep your mascara looking fresh and moist but remember to stay away from tissue paper due to the fibres it deposits onto your wand.

Another product that took almost a lifetime to create is our new Espresso Liquid Eyeliner. Being picky is just my thing when it comes to colour. Initially during testing, it was too red, then too muddy then too blah…finally the perfect shade I signed off on is going to be here and I can’t wait to share this new favourite with you. For those who love the intensity of our Black Liquid Eyeliner but feel it might be a bit much for the office then you have to check out Espresso. It certainly is no ordinary brown. You know what they say, “We don’t do light-weight around here."



Signing off till next time!

Sara Au Yeong

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