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Amaterasu Beauty and the importance of empowering your own beauty and self love


What does ‘Empowering Beauty Everywhere’ mean to me? I have always been a firm believer that beauty is whatever you want it to be. Blending in just for the sake of social expectations is not how it should be.

I want to use this space to encourage women all over the world to embrace their own feminine gifts. To be beautiful does not mean you have to look a certain way or dress in a specific style. Being comfortable in your own skin and being confident about it is the true embodiment of beauty to me. 

At Amaterasu Beauty, we seek to empower and celebrate beauty in all its many forms, and create products that will enhance the natural strength, grace and beauty of a woman.

Like its namesake the Japanese Sun Goddess Amaterasu who brought light and brilliance to the world, Amaterasu Beauty brings effortless, elegant beauty to the modern day woman. 

Thank you for stopping by!

Sara Au Yeong

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