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Posted on November 26 2015


Morning Makeup Routine with Kids

Before I had kids, I gave myself a minimum of 2 hours to get ready. Anyone who has young children, or has had kids, knows that time to yourself is a luxury that rarely happens. When I had my daughter (2 years old), I managed to settle back into an acceptable routine. However, after having my son (6 months old), I realized quickly my routine drastically needed to be cut short. Call me vain, but I never leave the house without makeup. For all of you busy moms and women out there, here is my 5 minute face, for the gal-on-the-go!

Immediately, out of the shower I apply my SPF daytime face cream. This is followed by a quick application of concealer under my eyes blended with my fingertips. Using fingertips to apply concealer really warms the product up into your skin, creating a more natural, less caked-on look. Next, with my Amaterasu Kabuki Brush, I quickly buff Geisha Ink Loose Mineral Foundation (Katsumi) onto my face (eyelids included). Next, I apply blush onto my cheeks, sweeping up towards my temples. Subsequently using Amaterasu Brunette Liquid Brow Liner, I fill in my eyebrows, following their natural shape. Then using Amaterasu Liquid Eyeliner, I draw a thin line along my upper and lower lash lines closely along the base of my eyelashes. I then curl my eyelashes with an eyelash curler, and swipe on a couple coats of Geisha Ink Silk Mascara.

To someone who does not wear makeup regularly, it may seem like it will take a long time. However, with a bit of practice, I literally have this routine down to 5 minutes flat. This is also super easy to transition into an evening look by adding a bit of bronzer onto the cheek bones, eyeshadow onto the eyelids, a couple more coats of mascara and a lipgloss or lipstick onto your lips.

Some mornings I find myself with less than 5 minutes for makeup. In that case, I skip the foundation, blush and eyeliner, to bring my makeup routine down to 2 minutes. You would be shocked how much a bit of concealer under your eyes, filling in your eyebrows and mascara, wakes up your face.

The products that I could not live without are my Amaterasu Liquid Brow Liner, Amaterasu Liquid Eyeliner and my Geisha Ink Silk Mascara. Amaterasu’s Liquid Eyebrow Liner goes on flawlessly. You can control the opacity, therefore controlling how natural your brows look. It stays all day, is smudge proof and waterproof. Amaterasu’s Liquid Eyeliner is amazing. The liner allows me to draw a quick thin line along my lash line in 10 seconds or less. For the evening, I am able to easily draw over the line to create a more dramatic cat eye! Geisha Ink’s Silk Mascara goes on beautifully creating silky, defined lashes that adds volume and length with no clumps! The mascara lasts all day with no smudging but washes off easily at the end of the day. All of the products I use and love, come off easily with no harsh removers. Makeup that comes off as easily as it goes on, is extremely important for this mom of two!

*please excuse me if the makeup application is not perfect. I wanted to give you a real as possible account of my 5 minute face. These photos were snapped quickly with my trusty iPhone in my bathroom. No special lighting, no filter, just me!

Maureen Sengara – Makeup Artist




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