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Our Shimmer Eye Pencil is a favourite all year round, but we especially love it during the winter to create some sparkle and shimmer like sunshine glistening on fresh white snow.

Check out this video of makeup artist Terra Claybrook demonstrating how to apply this versatile product to add some sheen to your favourite makeup look.

Brighten, highlight and enhance your features with carefully but effortlessly placed small amounts of shimmer around your eyes, cheekbones and even at the cupid’s bow of your lips.

Featuring both white and gold colours, our Shimmer Eye Pencil is perfect for all skin types. The choice of a warm or cool tone will work with whatever makeup look you are going for. It could even be fun to combine the two!

The possibilities are endless with this amazing Shimmer Eye Pencil, and who doesn't want a little extra sparkle in their hustle and bustle? We love to see you shine!

Shimmer Eye Pencil - Amaterasu Beauty from Amaterasu Beauty on Vimeo.


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