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Casual Makeup Look with Amaterasu Beauty

When I go out for coffee, I’d describe my look as no fuss, simple, clean and uncomplicated which can sometimes be opposite to my coffee ordering style. I’m the kind of person who spends more time figuring out which specialty coffee drink I should order, over spending time beautifying my face. So with that being said, I’m so grateful to have Geisha Ink and Amaterasu products in my life, because truthfully, they are basically the main cosmetics products I possess and use.

I always start with a moisturizer with SPF as my base to get my skin prepped, and then I reach for my Geisha Ink Mineral Loose Foundation. I use Katsumi #5, which blends flawlessly with my skin tone. Even if I get a little tanned during the summer, the foundation still matches perfectly.  I also love how light it feels on my skin. I honestly don’t feel like I’m wearing any makeup at all.

Once my face is moisturized and powdered up, I focus on my eyes. First, I take my Amaterasu Liquid Eyeliner and do a solid yet subtle line across the lid line.  I like to include a little tiny cat eye flick at the end, for some added fun. I usually use the pen to draw over the line a couple of times, to make sure the thickness is to my liking.

Next are the lashes. I always use an eyelash curler to extend my minuscule lashes as far as they will go. I make sure to gently clamp as close as possible to my eyelid, hold it for a few seconds, and then move outward repeating the clamping routine, to curl the entire lash line. I love my curler, but I love my mascara even more. My pre-product curled lashes are made even more lush and luxurious with the help of my Geisha Ink Silk Mascara. I love how buildable it is and how I can easily control the amount I use. I make sure to coat my lashes with a few strokes and am always so impressed by how bright and big my eyes look after applying the mascara. They really are miracle lash builders! And voila, I’m ready! Now the tough part begins, what kind of coffee should I get…

Beverly Lee


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