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Amaterasu Eye Pencil is the best eyeliner for waterlining because it is soft and glides on easily

Personally, a good eyeliner for waterlining means it must be soft and glide on easily. Nonetheless, it must also be smudge-proof. With that said, it is certainly not easy locating such a product. Over the years, I have encountered a super soft eye pencil and although it did glide on beautifully, it smudged all over my lower lid within 20 minutes of application. Trust me, I prepped my eyes with all different types of primers and bases that you could ever imagine. Then I also came across some that were longer lasting but it hurt to drag the tip of those pencils along my waterline.

Of course, at this point some of you may wonder what the heck is the waterline? Well, it is the inside eye area of your lower lid. As you can imagine, it is a pretty sensitive area and therefore a soft pencil tip is imperative or else you would practically be stabbing yourself.

Now, to the most important part of this article – where can I locate this perfect eye pencil? Well, typical story of my life, since I couldn’t locate the perfect beast, I decided to make it myself. You’re welcome! It is everything I have ever wanted in an eye pencil and more. Now, we can move on with the rest of the stuff in life without stressing over how we ever dealt with raccoon eyes?

Check out the Amaterasu Eye Pencil here.


Keep lining!

Sara Au Yeong

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