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Asian Eye Makeup Tips

When I was in school, training to be a makeup artist our school manual generally consisted of makeup techniques for various eye shapes such as close set eyes, wide set eyes, droopy eyes, and so on. There wasn’t really a specific section on makeup techniques for Asian eyes and the only way for me to learn was to test out the different techniques on myself. The truth is, there may be some basic guidelines as to how to achieve a certain look but really, at the end of the day, it is what you feel most comfortable with.

Read below for some of the proven tricks and tips that I’ve tested and used :

Go with a white shimmer in the inner corner of the eyes. This technique immediately brightens, lifts and opens up any eye shape. 

Shimmer in the inner corner of your eyes
Creating a cat-eye look by using a good and inky liquid eyeliner such as the Amaterasu Liquid Liner or the Amaterasu Eye Pencil will also provide an immediate lift and opens up your eye.
Liquid Liner for Cat Eye Makeup
Always curl your lashes and apply a mascara that is not too heavily weighted as it will weigh down your lashes and affect the look of your curled lashes. 
Always curl your lashes prior to applying mascara

Do shape your brows by neatly grooming them and fill in any sparse areas. You will be surprised how well-groomed and enhanced your overall makeup will look. Check out our Amaterasu Liquid Brow Liner.

Always wear brow makeup
For an everyday look, go for light monochromatic tones in colours such as taupe browns, cool plums, blues, and greens. For an evening look, stay within the same colour group but opt for brighter options.

Well, I hope the above tricks will help move you closer to achieving yet another beautiful look for your next outing.

Signing off!

Sara Au Yeong



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