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Featured Editorial and Fashion Makeup Artist Win Liu


Makeup Artist Win Liu Vancouver Beauty International


If you're wondering who the artist is behind the beautiful looks you're seeing on our social media for Spring/Summer 2021, it's Win Liu! We were so glad to have had the chance to speak with Win about all things clean beauty, makeup artistry, and more, so we could share how wonderful she is as an artist and a person.

Did we mention, she is also one of the sweetest and most responsive people to work with. Win put the team together seamlessly after I shared my vision. She is delightful to work with; a note to those who might be looking for an artist.

Keep reading to learn all about Win Liu!


Sara: How did you get started as a makeup artist?

Win: After years of training at art school, I woke up one morning thinking what else could I pursue using my hands and brushes? I made an appointment at Blanche McDonald Centre and enrolled within two months. That was in 2008. 

Sara: Which area of makeup artistry are you currently working in? 

Win: I have always worked simultaneously between film and fashion; I love both worlds. Before Covid-19, I would fly out to Europe to work backstage for fashion weeks when filming wrapped. Currently I am working full time in film, but manage to have occasional editorial jobs and weekend photoshoots. I really appreciate my colleagues and my agency (Lizbell Agency) for the understanding and patience. It takes a lot to juggle both worlds. 

Sara: How did you learn about Amaterasu Beauty and what is it about the products that kept you coming back for more?

Win: I first fell in love with the Liquid Eyeliner, when it was Geisha Ink years ago, from word of mouth by fellow students and then colleagues. The quality and the staying power are also second to none! The Liquid Brow Liners are so soft and precise and I use them all the time on anyone who’s in my chair. Also I love supporting local businesses owned by wonderful women.

Sara: Why do you think women should be more conscious of toxic ingredients and their health?

Win: Wellness goes farther than just your food intake and mental health, it’s important to also be conscious of what your skin and hair can absorb into your system, especially for the women who are blessed to recreate lives and nourish the next generation. 

Sara: How do you view beauty and why is it important to empower other women?

Win: Beauty is a form of self-acceptance and self-awareness. Once you are aware and accept who you are, it’s very powerful and inspiring. Every decision we make is, and should be, for the good of our souls, whether it’s how you wake up in the morning, which pair of shoes you choose for the day, coffee or matcha, podcast or radio or silence, mascara or lips, or none...the beauty of having options and intention, that is empowering.


We'd like to express our deepest gratitude to Win for being a part of this beautiful photoshoot and her precious time to answer all of our questions! Her talent ranges from creating the most natural look to the most creative editorial work. We are simply in awe of this project and we can't wait to partner up with her real soon for future shoots. 

If you liked getting to know Win, you can view more of her amazing work on her Instagram @win_liu or at Lizbell Agency.

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